Top 5 products for flying with a one year old

We are (sadly) back from our holidays. The weeks building up to holidays are always very exciting but this time I had the stress of how Aidan would take the 3 hour plane journey. I searched the internet high and low for things to pack for the trip and ended up with a bag bigger than my suitcase full of things he never even looked at. However there were 5 things that were essential during the flight.


1. Juice

Take off and landing can be quite uncomfortable on our ears. I usually chew chewing gum or suck on hard sweets to help them ‘pop’. I wasn’t sure what to do to help relive the pressure for Aidan but drinking juice from his bottle was definitely helpful. Unfortunately on our way over I didn’t pack enough juice and on landing Aidan got sick from the pain in his ears. That is definitely a mistake I won’t make again.

2. New books

I bought 3 books in the pound shop that were bright, sparkly and most importantly new! I didn’t buy expensive books incase they got destroyed on the journey but that didn’t matter to Aidan who read chewed them for a good portion of the journey.

3. New small toys

The size of the toys doesn’t really matter to the baby but the smaller the toys the more you can fit into your bag. I packed some Mickey Mouse figurines, Sheriff Callie figurines and the Fisher Price DC Little People (which were a huge, mouth sized hit!). As I only gave him one or two at a time this meant that on the trip home I had several that were still ‘new’.

4. Snacks

Babies can’t scream if there mouths are full of treats ;). This is pretty self explanatory, Aidan loves to eat so snacks are definitely a good distraction. I chose snacks that he had to eat with his hands because this meant that it took him more time to pick them up and eat them rather than spoon-feeding him, this obviously depends on the babies age though.

5. Portable DVD player

When all else failed Mickey Mouse on the DVD player was a life saver. Aidan would watch Mickey Mouse on repeat all day had he the chance so to be able to watch it for hours was definitely a welcome novelty to him.


Have you travelled with a little one lately, what are your top tips and essential items to bring?

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