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The first 13 weeks | Pregnancy Update

Time for all the fun of pregnancy to start all over again now. The 9 months of not seeing your toes, wearing leggings daily and avoiding certain smells that make you feel like you’ve had a rough night on the tiles – a magical time! These first few weeks have definitely gone a lot quicker than when I was pregnant with Aidan, probably because I am running after him now rather than lazing around.

the first 13 weeks

How I’m feeling:
I had slight nausea from around weeks 6-10, then I developed a terrible tummy bug for a week. Although it was horrible at the time it seemed to rid me of any ‘morning’ sickness – woo!
Tiredness, just like with my first pregnancy, is the hardest part. When I was pregnant with Aidan I would nap once or twice a day, obviously that is not an option now but I do fall asleep by 10:30 at the latest most nights.
Boobies – Oh my goodness! It seems like they are full of razor blades and pins. Aidan loves to climb all over me which results in watery eyes and a slight amount of swearing under my breath.


This pregnancy, my dear friend cystic acne has reared it’s ugly head again. This time it seems to be a lot more concentrated on my chin and jawline, bringing with it a pain similar to that of childbirth. I visited my doctor this week who gave me a cream to try so fingers crossed it helps some what. I have been using Ziaja baby soothing cream and it definitely helped with the pain and redness.


Does everything count? I’m not noticing a huge change except maybe the odd sugary treat when Aidan heads to bed. Oh and milk – again, like last time, I can drink litres and litres of milk in a day. (We went through 6 litres in 2 days last week – just me and Aidan!)


Size of baby:
At our hospital appointment last week the baby measured 2.7 inches I think? Like a small apple, maybe? I am terrible with judging size but if it is anything like Aidan it is going to be big!



Can I see my toes?:
Yes. Although I am noticing a little bump already, at 13 weeks, where it was a good 20 weeks before Aidan made a bump.


Stretch marks or swelling?:
No swelling and no new stretch marks – not that I don’t think I have room for anymore after Aidan left his mark!


The baby not me you filthy minded animal! Considering there are so many similarities between the pregnancies I would guess it is another boy. My gut instinct is a boy. I have no preference either way because a boy would be great for Aidan to have a brother so close in age, likewise a girl would be great to help me even out the numbers and pick the princess movies!

4 thoughts on “The first 13 weeks | Pregnancy Update

  1. Congratulations again! I am so excited for you all!

    Fingers crossed the face cream works for you. I can’t even begin to imagine how painful cystic acne must be.


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