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Things I haven’t eaten this week…

Normally, I have a 16 month old with an appetite that challenges his Dad. However, over the past few weeks he seems to have gotten really bad at eating – I am blaming his teeth because isn’t that what we always do? I have noticed though that food on my plate looks one hundred times more appealing than anything I offer to him and so here are all the things I never got to eat from my plate this week….

  • Sunday’s potatoes – We aren’t really potato eaters in our house but every Sunday we go for dinner at my Mom’s house and she makes potatoes. It appears that the potatoes she gave me tasted fabulous but the ones on Aidan’s plate were inedible.
  • Apple pie and custard – Sunday’s scavenging didn’t end there. After refusing much of his dinner, except for my potatoes, Aidan was only too happy to ‘help’ me tackle my dessert. I will have to assume that it was nice because I never got to find out.
  • Banana – As one of the toddlers favourite foods I usually have to eat bananas in secret. I did think however that once we had one each that would suffice. I thought wrong. The speed at which he inhaled his banana was as long as I took to peel mine. Two bananas for Aidan – None for me.
  • Yogurt – He doesn’t even like yogurts! An entire apricot yogurt he ate – the last one might I add!
  • Toast – I made myself two lovely slices of toast. You know when they are the perfect level of toasted and the butter is melted just right and it tastes….. well I can’t tell you that because they were swiped from my plate when my back was turned!
  • Biscuits – I am not a massive biscuit fan. I like Jaffa Cakes but I consider those more of a cake. Imagine one day I fancy a biscuit so off I go hunting for some. My dreams are quickly shattered when just as I am about to divulge the small one begins to whimper and points in the direction of said treat.
  • Orange Juice – Not even my liquids are safe anymore!
  • Apples – Last but not least. Aidan can somehow find apples where they don’t exist! We keep our apples in the fridge which is out of his reach but on more than one occasion I have found him stuffing himself with an apple, seeming to appear from nowhere? Not only does he eat the skin, he also eats the stalk, pips and core of the apples. How do I tell a 16 months old not to eat the core of an apple?


It is funny how once they are eating you would literally give them the food off of your plate. Once Aidan gets fed then I would go without – although is that favouritism now that I have another baby in my belly to feed?

6 thoughts on “Things I haven’t eaten this week…

  1. I love this post! As a fellow blogger, I am always intrigued by articles that are a little different, and this hits that spot – what you didn’t eat – very clever! It made me laugh too. I still have to eat and drink things in secret, else my 3 year old will eat/drink it – anything bad really – chocolate, crisps, fizzy drinks all get guzzled in secret!!
    Katrina x

  2. Biscuits have to be eaten like a SWAT operation in this house, I swear he can hear them from a mile off! As for toast… if it isn’t in my mouth, it’s fair game according to him, same with dinner – unless its on his plate – there was a while where I just used to feed the two of us off the one plate to make sure he ate enough! I feel your pain!! Time for sneaky chocolate breaks during nap time with quiet wrappers!

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