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There is nothing better than sitting down with a blanket and some munchies on these cold autumn nights – until you turn on the TV to realise once again there is nothing on! Thank heavens for Netflix! Here are some things I have enjoyed on there over the last while…


  • Not suitable for children
    ”Facing infertility because of his impending cancer treatment, a young hipster sets to impregnate a woman – any woman – before time runs out”

    Jonah, the young hipster, learns that he has cancer and the treatment will mean that he is unable to have children. With only a few weeks until his surgery Jonah sets out to try and have a baby – any way possible. Set mostly in a college type frat house filled with parties and care free youngsters this film changes those dynamics and shows lovely stories of friendship, longing and heartbreaking dead ends.
  • Scream
    ”Creepy phone stalker. Lunatic killer with a ghost face. Everyone’s a suspect. But you’ve never seen horror like this.”
    I have always been a fan of the Scream franchise, I remember buying all the DVDs back in my teenage years, so I was only too happy to return to the small town of Woodsboro to meet Sydney as her and her friends become entangled in the middle of a murder spree.


  • Fargo
    ”Inspired by the classic Coen brother film of the same title, this new limited series embroils several quirky Minnesotans in a ‘different’ true crime.”I believe I mentioned Fargo in my last Netflix post so I won’t go into detail about it again but there is a second season on the horizon so if you haven’t yet watched this I highly recommend it.
  • Scream
    ”In this new TV series sequel to the classic horror franchise, a cyberbullying incident in Lakewood leads to a murder with echoes of the past.”Like I mentioned above I was a huge Scream fan in my teenage years so you can imagine my excitement when I heard they were making it into a series. Now, honestly, this is very much a teen drama but once you get past that it becomes a very intriguing storyline with many twists.. right up until the very end! It looks set to have another series too so fingers crossed.
  • Educating Yorkshire
    ‘This engaging documentary series follows the staff and students of a West Yorkshire high school, from playground high jinx to life changing events.”I have watched all of the ‘Educating..’ series. When we are in school we can’t wait to get out but now that we’re out we want to go back – figure that one out? Seeing it from the teachers point of view is interesting, mainly because I remember always thinking they were doing things just to be awful and mean.


  • Toy story
  • Monsters Inc
  • Curious George


  • Mortified nation
    ”This comic documentary follows the Mortified movement, a series of stage events where adults share awkward childhood moments in front of strangers.”Huge hat tip to for suggesting this. Several adults reading passages from their childhood/ early teenage diaries. So many relatable stories and even more hilarious ones! If any of you have diary entries you would like to send me I would be all too grateful for the giggles.
  • The Gabby Douglas story
    ”This biopic tells the story of Gabby Douglas, who became the first black gymnast to win the individual All-Around champion at the 2012 Olympics.”I am a major gymnastics fan and I watched Gabby take the gold during the 2012 London Olympics. Her story is very inspirational and her mother seems like a great woman. With the world championships starting at the end of the month this is a great way to get your wet your gymnastics appetite (if that’s your thing).



*Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team and received a Netflix subscription and an Apple TV in return for posting Netflix updates and reviews, however, all opinions are my own. I also already had a personal subscription before joining the Stream Team.

12 thoughts on “What I’ve been watching | Netflix

  1. I’ve started watching the Scream show too; very intriguing! You should check out the first Netflix made film too – Beasts of No Nation. It’s intense and a bit gruesome at times, but a must-watch x

    1. How to get away with murder kills me because it leaves me on the edge of my seat at the end of every episode! I enjoyed Scream but definitely not even close to HTGAWM’s league x

  2. Matthew loves curious George. We watch it everyday when he comes from crèche. We have a subscription for Netflix as well and actually use it quite a good bit. It would be handy to have a bit more newer movies though.

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