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Last weekend I attended the very first Waterford blogger event (aka #DeiseBloggers). It was such a great day and I am only recovering now to be honest! Meeting other bloggers is always great fun but I never expected to meet such lovely and beautiful girls. The event was free to attend but cost me a fortune because a room full…

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Winter Warmers*

With the winter weather truly upon us I am getting into the festive spirit and can’t wait to get our decorations up soon. At this time of the year I also like to create a warm, calm and cosy atmosphere in our bedrooms to helps us get a good nights rest – which is essential when 6 months pregnant and…

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Christmas Crafts for Toddlers

  With the festive season approaching it is time to get creative – mainly because the weather keeps us pretty housebound. I have snooped around Pinterest and put together a list of crafts that I want to try (keyword being try!) with Aidan during the holidays. Christmas Wreath Painting with Dish brush Toddler Christmas Tree cards Letter Ornaments Snowman Letter…

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DIY Bath Paints

With the horrible weather and the lack of daylight being home with a toddler all day can be a terrifying task. I spend hours searching Pinterest for new ideas to try but find many things aren’t suitable for toddlers or contain products and ingredients from America. I should also point out that the least amount of clean up the better…

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I Hacked the Toddler

Hacked the toddler

Last night the Toddler child did not want to go to sleep. Now he is known for kicking up when he is put to bed by his Dad so we just ignored his antics and after one or two “resettlings” he dozed off. At midnight he decided that sleep was in fact over rated and it was time for us all…

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My Bloggers Christmas Wishlist

Canon EOS 700D I’ve been wanting a DSLR camera for a while both for blogging and vlogging and the Canon 700D has a flip out screen which is a must for me! Definitely high on the wish list. LED free standing light With the winter setting in quickly and daylight almost non existent after 3pm an LED light would be great…

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Toddler Tantrums

Ellen / November 11, 2015

At the end of the month Aidan will be one and a half (or 18 months if that’s your thing) which means he is definitely a ‘toddler’. Toddlers are tough work – they can walk, or in his case run, they can climb and reach things that once towered above them. They are uncooperative and very independent, but they are…

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Growing up & Moving on

Ellen / November 10, 2015

Why hello there! I see you’ve found our new little home on the internet. Well as you are all well aware we are due another little baby in March so ‘El and Baby A’ wasn’t really suitable anymore. Apart from the fact that Aidan is now a toddler, it also left me open to all sorts of favouritism guilt from any…

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