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My Bloggers Christmas Wishlist

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Canon EOS 700D
I’ve been wanting a DSLR camera for a while both for blogging and vlogging and the Canon 700D has a flip out screen which is a must for me! Definitely high on the wish list.

LED free standing light
With the winter setting in quickly and daylight almost non existent after 3pm an LED light would be great for all blog pics. Mainly for the size during storage I would prefer an LED over a normal lightbox – but hey I wouldn’t say no to one of those either!

This was my present to myself this year. I got this lovely planner from and I cannot wait to use it as soon as it arrives!

A blog PA
As you may have noticed (at least I hope you have by now) I recently moved blogs and although 99% of things are as I wanted there are one or two little weeks I would like to make but I cannot afford to risk anymore grey hairs by looking at HTML or CSS anytime soon. I would love to hire someone to make me some new social media buttons, advise me on some plug ins and give me general WordPress wisdom.

For Facebook to show my posts to people
Dear Santa, this year I would love if you could tell Facebook that people ‘like’ my page because they want to see my posts – stop hiding them! Twitter is my go-to social media but it seems like no matter how much effort I put into Facebook the results remain the same.

To never have writers block again 
This summer I suffered severe writer’s block – lasting about 3 months! I am terrible for drawing up blogging blanks for days, maybe weeks at a time. An endless mind of creative genius would be ideal!

TIME, more hours in the day would be great! 
Ok this one is a bit of a moot point because I am sure no matter how many hours were in the day it still wouldn’t be enough but surely and extra hour during nap time would be appreciated all round?

28 thoughts on “My Bloggers Christmas Wishlist

  1. Yes please to all of these ha! 😉 If you need any help with knowing which plugins to use on wordpress I’m happy to help if I know the answer, I’ve tried out all sorts since I started in Jan :)) Love the new blog as well

    Stevie xx

  2. Those lights are really good for people who need a lot of brightening up. A colleague has one – it certainly pumps out a lot of light even to those sitting around her.

  3. I’d have to say I want most of this list too! I really want a decent blogger planner as I’m the most unorganised person I know! Also, Facebook really annoys me! Anything wit a link is never seen. Naughty Facebook x

  4. YES! All of these things lol. Especially a BLOG PA. That would be awesome. Also, I’d love a LED free standing light, too. Especially in these winter months when the natural light isn’t great.

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