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Growing up & Moving on


Why hello there! I see you’ve found our new little home on the internet. Well as you are all well aware we are due another little baby in March so ‘El and Baby A’ wasn’t really suitable anymore. Apart from the fact that Aidan is now a toddler, it also left me open to all sorts of favouritism guilt from any and all future offspring.

I wanted to choose a name that we wouldn’t grow out of again and also something that doesn’t stick me to parenting posts all the time and allows me to dip my toe into some of my other interests. Alas, Bumps and Roundabouts was born. I liked it as it was a play on words with pregnancy bumps to bumps in the road, and roundabouts because I swear I feel like I am going around in circles with a toddler all day!

I had planned to do this gradually over the next 6 weeks but as I have said a hundred times before I cannot keep a secret and so couldn’t wait to share the new name and look. Hopefully all my redirects and such are in working order because I done it all myself (with some help from the amazing people at Tsohost!) but please shout if any links are broken, etc. I can still be reached at elandbabya@gmail.com however over the next few weeks I will be paying it less attention so best to reach me at bumpsandroundabouts@gmail.com or twitter – I can always be found on twitter!

Hope you like the new name and design – stick around for all our bumps and roundabouts!


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