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I Hacked the Toddler

Hacked the toddler

Last night the Toddler child did not want to go to sleep. Now he is known for kicking up when he is put to bed by his Dad so we just ignored his antics and after one or two “resettlings” he dozed off. At midnight he decided that sleep was in fact over rated and it was time for us all to get up (even though the rest of us had yet to actually go to sleep.) We went through a phase for a couple of nights, a while back, where he would wake in the middle of the night and want to play and we tried to settle him in his cot and not take him up like all those books tell you to do. In the end, after 3/4 hours we ended up taking him downstairs and rolling him in the pram until he dozed off – again something they tell you not to do but clearly they didn’t write these books at 4am with a toddler screaming ‘DAAAAAAADDDDD’ repeatedly.

Last night though I took him up and rocked him for a bit, singing to him (poor child!) because he looked genuinely upset – apparently another of his Oscar worthy preformances. He cuddled for a while before deciding enough singing lets play – so we did.

I took him into our room, took off his gro bag and we messed about for an hour, all 3 of us. As much as he faught it he yawned the entire time and his little body couldn’t deny its fatigue. So when 1 o clock rolled around I began our nighttime routine all over again.

‘Do you want to go to bed?’
Carried him downstairs, changed his nappy and his shirt (to mimic getting into his PJs)
Got him another bottle and gave it to him in his room with the lights off – as we do every night.
And it worked!
He got into his cot and lay down, I kissed his head and said ‘Night chicken, I love you’ left the room and got into bed.

He slept until the following morning – success!!
So this might be a tip worth remembering in the future – if you have a good night time routine in place then maybe going back to basics during these night time parties is the way to go. Let them have their ‘awake’ time before starting the routine, could save hours of stress, tears and sleeplessness.

Hacked the toddler

10 thoughts on “I Hacked the Toddler

  1. Oh it’s been such a long time since I settled a toddler back to sleep… but I totally agree with you in that routine is the way to go. In my experience little ones do seem to find comfort in routine and it certainly always worked well for me.

  2. It is so frustrating when they don’t sleep isn’t it? My one year old has only just started sleeping and the sleepless nights were hard going, I bet you have been so tired being pregnant too. I have never thought to re-do the bedtime routine again during the night what a good idea xx

  3. Ah, it’s great that you managed to get him to sleep after a little play session. I think sometimes tying to get your children to sleep is so stressful that taking a bit of time out and having a little play before starting the routine again would be a good idea, takes the pressure off a bit x

  4. So hard to start a new routine and stick to it. I was so lucky with N and didn’t have to deal with this, although I’d like to stop him getting up so early.

  5. A waking toddler is a real challenge isn’t it. Mine has taken to getting up at 4am, just this week. I think it’s her cold. We just keep everything really dark and quite. I don’t even put my phone on to check the time. If she has no interaction she goes back to sleep fairly quickly

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