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Top Tips for Saving on your Weekly Shopping

top tips saving

A few months ago I ended up comparing how much I spend on our weekly grocery shopping with some of my friends. There are 2 adults and one, fairly good eating toddler in our household but yet I was spending more than friends with several grown children as well as two adults! Using these 5 tips I managed to half our weekly shopping bill so I thought I would share it with you incase you were an excessive spender like me.



  • Meal Plan & Shopping list
    Fail to prepare, prepare to fail – this is true for grocery shopping too. I found I would buy lots of things ‘incase’ I needed them and they would end up going off before I would use them or I would need to run out midweek for things I needed but hadn’t picked up. This meant excessive waste and spending. Now I make a weekly meal plan on a Monday evening and from that I make the shopping list ready to go on Tuesday.
  • Freeze things not used in time & Freeze leftovers
    I love to made homemade soup but found that I would buy all the ingredients and not find the time to make it so one day I had a brainwave (dangerous I know!). I chopped up all the veg before it went off and froze it in a large freezer bag so I can just take it out and pop it into the pot or slow cooker when I want some. I  also started to freeze leftovers, like lasagne, curry and cottage pie. Not only does it cut down on waste it also means Aidan can have a proper dinner if we decide to get a take away or I don’t feel like making anything. He would eat cottage pie until it came out his ears so it is always handy to have one to hand on those fussy eating days.
  • Plan meals around super 6
    Aldi’s super 6 is your best friend when trying to cut down on food costs. I downloaded the Aldi app and I check out the weeks super 6 before I plan the weeks meals. I believe Lidl do one also but as we shop at Aldi I use theirs.
  • Do not shop hungry!
    We do our shopping on a Tuesday usually and unconsciously would do it before lunch, which meant that I was picking up things that weren’t needed simply because I was hungry at the time. We’ve started to do it now after breakfast and it definitely cuts down how many things get thrown in which aren’t on the list.
  • Use your smartphone
    There are so many apps and websites around now to help you find the best deals when shopping. They aren’t only for big purchases several have been released that help with weekly shopping. BabyDoc is great to find offers on nappies, wipes and other baby essentials. Aldi and Lidl also both have apps that tell their weekly offers as well as their ‘special buy’ products.

top tips saving


Do you meal plan or write a shopping list? What tips would you add?

7 thoughts on “Top Tips for Saving on your Weekly Shopping

  1. you can definitely tell the difference the weeks that I mean plan and have a shopping list compared to when I shop on a whim. Meal planning means we eat properly every night as well as there is none of the, oh what do we eat debate. It’s just done.

  2. Never ever shop when hungry! I end up buying junk food, haha. Also, I meal plan and I find it a lot cheaper and easy and also more organised. Meal planning is the key! Great tips here. Thank you for sharing. xx

  3. That’s great, we really need to meal plan and i have heard so many good things about Aldi I really want to try them out. However there’s not one near to us that I’ve found yet! X

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