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Fool Proof Christmas Dinner?

Today I actually got to watch ‘This Morning’ which hasn’t happened in months! When I switched on they were talking about Tesco’s microwave Christmas Turkey? Luckily we go to my Mom’s for Christmas dinner because to be honest if it was left to me we would probably end up with beans on toast or something because even the thought of having to do a big dinner like that stresses me!

Anyway, this got me thinking of a fool proof (or Ellen proof) Christmas dinner, and if such thing exists. Alas the internet never let’s me down in suggesting some crazy Christmas dinner alternatives….tinner

A tin of dinner, or ‘tinner’ per person – who wouldn’t love to be served this on Christmas day?


canned chicken

I actually don’t eat turkey so for me how about this ‘canned whole chicken’? Beans on toast is starting to sound pretty great right now, eh?


canned bread

Clayton is a sucker for bread and butter with a roast dinner so as not to leave out one of his favourites I could pick up this brown bread in a can? 99% fat free & 100% weird!



Incase you didn’t know Clayton is actually from American so to keep with his traditions – a PBJ ‘candwich’ to enjoy with a cuppa in the evening. Includes a candy surprise inside. Could not be further from excited about that surprise!


I do promise if I ever invite anyone for dinner in my house I will not serve any of these ‘delights’ but I just thought they were too weird interesting not to share! Hope I haven’t turned you off your Christmas dinner. Just remember if it all goes wrong beans on toast is always a better option than ‘tinner’.


8 thoughts on “Fool Proof Christmas Dinner?

  1. Christmas dinner in a tin doesn’t sound that pleasant. We just either go to the in laws or get a Turkey that is easy to heat up from iceland. The other tinned items don’t sound that nice either really.

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