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28-32 Week Pregnancy Update

28-32How I’m feeling:

I am super lucky and have had no complaints at all with this pregnancy. I thought I was lucky when I was pregnant with Aidan but it seems that I am going along the same road this time around too. I have been getting some Braxton Hicks which are getting more annoying now that the baby is getting bigger but over all they aren’t that bad. Heartburn has arrived but it’s not as bad as I remember it with Aidan – yet anyway.


My skin is in the best condition it’s been in the longest time! I will be doing a post on my current skincare routine including the products that I think have cleared my cystic acne.


Nothing really. I still enjoy sugary treats when Aidan goes to bed but nothing much else. My obsession with cleaning and the smell of cleaning products has reached a whole new level and has me scrubbing the house every free minute of the day!

Size of baby:

At my last hospital appointment (at 28 weeks) my bump was measuring right on average – 12 inches. My app (ovia) tells me that the baby is currently the same size as a plastic scooter board/ florida pomelo/ pain d’epi/ naked tailed armadillo. I use this app because it lets you chose different things to compare baby’s size to rather than just the normal fruit and veg suggestions. I have gained 8kg since falling pregnant which is right on track too.

Can I see my toes?:

Honestly? I’m not sure and I am too lazy to get up off the sofa to check so I am just going to say no.

Stretch marks or swelling?:

No swelling and no new stretch marks yet but there is still plenty of time for them to rear their ugly head.


It’s a boy! We have only had one scan (20 weeks) to determine the sex compared to several with Aidan so I am sticking to fairly neutral colours just incase!


I have my whooping cough injection this week and our next hospital appointment is at the end of the month. I have all the stuff for my hospital bag ready (just not actually in the bag yet). We are going to get the baby’s cot-bed tomorrow. And, I am starting to get very nervous about life with a toddler and a newborn!

10 thoughts on “28-32 Week Pregnancy Update

  1. Ooh, getting to that exciting stage now with not long to go! It will be graaaand with two, you’re well able for the challenge! Glad the heartburn is giving you a break so far, it’s by far my most vivid image of my pregnancy over everything else, the incessant heartburn! Hope the next few weeks fly 🙂

  2. I am a stepfather and I have yet to experience this through my wife. Half excited, half dreading it but looking forward to the day we have our own child.

    Thanks for sharing


  3. Exciting times ahead you’ll not find the time going now, i love it you dont know if you can see your toes as you not getting up brilliant. Ah life with toddler and a new born is fun there is 2year and 5mths between my two only hint is don’t forget to get something for little Aidan form the new baba and pack it in the bag to have to give from the new baba. ENjoy the sweet treats my downfall with my second baba was terrys chocolate oranges yummy x

  4. Wow, congrats, I’m 29 weeks and would love to be feeling half as good as you! Would love to hear what cured your acne – my poor skin has never been worse!

  5. Aww not long to go!! How exciting!!! I’m 36 weeks pregnant and I feel like death!!! I`m really wishing the last few weeks away!
    This is my third pregnancy, I have a 2 year and a 10 month old and honestly…I found life with a newborn and a toddler so much more manageable than I expected!!! (Not so sure the third one in the mix will be quite such a straightforward transition!)

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