Month: April 2016

One Month Update | Finn

It’s 5 weeks since Finn was born – 5 weeks?! Seriously where has the time gone. In one way he still feels brand new but it also feels like he was always here. Now don’t get me wrong we are still very much learning and adapting to our new dynamics but luckily it has been going well so far. Within the first two years babies change so much from month to month so I love doing updates from time to time because it is crazy to see how much they have advanced in such a short period of time. (more…)

Netflix and Newborn

While having a new baby in the house has definitely been a huge adjustment I always make time for Netflix. Honestly, if Netflix wasn’t keeping track of what I have and haven’t watched, and which episode I fell asleep during I think I would be still be watching Pretty Little Liars on repeat – anyone else think the new series was a little bit pointless? Anyway, here are a few things I have been watching and what I have on my ‘to watch list’. The upside to night feeds – having total control of the remote control!


RuPauls Drag Race

I watched the first episode of this the night before Finn was born and as you can imagine my mind was a million miles away. Since coming home with my little fire ball I have gone through all 5 seasons on Netflix and am now watching the current season. I love all things reality tv, make up and comedy and this has all of those things. Some of those drag queens do make up better than most women I know!

Jane the Virgin

I was a little late to the party on this one after seeing several others rave about Jane the Virgin. They were right! It is a telenovela style comedy drama. After deciding to remain celibate until marriage, you can imagine the shock when Jane discovers she is pregnant after a routine gynaecologist appointment. That is only the tip of the preverbal iceberg when it comes to what Jane is about to encounter.

Pretty Little Liars

If you haven’t watched PLL by now where have you been? I began watching when it first aired and have kept up to date ever since. I must admit that the latest series was far from my favourite and I found it all a little bit pointless – with me zoning out for 75% of each episode and still not missing anything. However, the finale did end on quite a cliffhanger which will have me tuning into season 7.


No words needed. I am sure everyone and their mother knows what Frozen is about and has either sung it with their children or in the nightclub on a Saturday night. Yes, they play Disney songs in the nightclub now – at least thats what I’ve been told, I haven’t been inside one since my college days.

Gnomeo & Juliet

I am not a fan of the smurfs so initially I passed over Gnomeo and Juliet. I admit that one day I put it on for Aidan but when he went for his nap I was so invested that I just had to keep watching. It takes the classic tale of Romeo and Juliet and switches it up – with garden gnomes!

The Gift

Like 90% of couples, Clayton and I hardly ever agree on something to watch and when we do one of us either hates it or falls asleep (me). We both like thrillers so decided to give The Gift a go. The story is slow to start but then it is full of twists and has you changing your feeling towards the characters throughout. The ending was definitely unpredictable and memorable.

Still to watch…

Prince of Egypt

God I love this film! (pun intended!) I remember seeing this first in school and loving it. I want to watch it just for the beauty that is ‘When you believe’

Prison Break

I am definitely one of the last people to watch Prison Break. After saying a hundred times that I am going to start it somehow it always manages to get forgotten. Since they have said they are coming back with a new season I have decided (again) to watch the previous seasons.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

I LOVED season 1 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt! I still remember where I was when I watched the last episode. (I was on the landing folding clothes incase you were wondering). I had planned to spend last weekend with Kimmy, Titus and excessive chocolate but as I mentioned briefly above I have a newborn now who was far from co-operative! Maybe this week, Finn?


Now, I have a special request for Netflix. Could you please release more seasons of Paw Patrol because if I find myself watching that Halloween episode once more I may cry! Like, don’t get me wrong who doesn’t love a puppy Elvis or one with a pumpkin on their head but after 1,439,527 times the cuteness starts to wear off!

What have you been watching on Netflix lately? Is there anything you think that I should watch?



*Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team and received a Netflix subscription and an Apple TV in return for posting Netflix updates and reviews, however, all opinions are my own. I also already had a personal subscription before joining the Stream Team.

One step forward, Two ounces back


Finn was a hunger from the moment he was born. He took to his bottles at lightening speed compared to Aidan. His first bottle he took over an ounce which the nurses were shocked about given his slender size. Like his Dad and brother he could not, and still can’t, seem to stop feeding. We recently had to switch his food to the reflux and regurgitation food because his little tummy couldn’t manage to keep his full feeds down which only added to his excessive hunger.

If it wasn’t for the ‘Baby Connect’ app I wouldn’t have had a clue how much or how often Finn was fed, changed or spit up. I used this with Aidan too and it was a godsend. By keeping track of Finn’s feeds and how often he spit up I was able to tell that it wasn’t just ‘normal’ spit up and that something needed to change. I love the Aptamil formula so when I saw they had one for regurgitation I decided that was the best direction to take and one week on there is a huge difference. Finn now spits up ‘normal’ amounts within an hour after his bottles, there are no more projectile incidents in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep and he is keeping down his food which is the most important thing.

He now, at 4 weeks old, has 6oz bottles – and drains them dry!

However, as Sod’s law states, the moment I up those bottles to 7 ounces he will revert back to only drinking about 4 – why?! I think it is how newborns get their kicks or something because I remember Aidan doing the exact same. While we’re on it, why do they wait until you are literally walking out the door to pull out their poo face or save their extremely loud farts for quiet, public places?

So, it’s one huge step forward but I am expecting to go at least two ounces back.

Our favourite Irish baby brands

With a new baby comes the unwritten rule to spend ridiculous amounts of money on anything remotely small or cute. With Aidan I bought him so many tiny clothes that he only got to wear some things once and others never even got the tags removed. This time I said I wouldn’t buy too many clothes until Finn was born so that I could judge sizes a little better. That being said I couldn’t sit through 41 weeks and 3 days of pregnancy and buy nothing, right? Here are some of my favourite Irish baby brands and stores that I simply couldn’t resist.

JellyBean Group
I first discovered the JellyBean Group when I purchased Aidan’s Tripp Trapp. Not only did they offer the best deal at the time but their customer service was second to none. After ordering they phoned me to tell me when my delivery could be expected and were an absolute pleasure to deal with. As you can guess they were my first port of call this time around on my search for a new changing bag. Again offering the best deal, speedy delivery and fantastic personal service. I got the Storksak Noa in grey for €99 with a free gift of 3 aden + anais muslin clothes.

Hogsett Designs
Again a previous favourite. You may have seen Aidan’s personalised blanket we had made last year on my Instagram. It is the softest and most complimented product I got him. In the spirit of fairness I of course had to get one for Finn too. As you can see from the picture the blankets are minky fabric with tags on one corner and personalised with the childs name. Like with Aidan’s, Finn’s blanket attracts almost as many compliments as his hair. The blankets measure 75cm x 110cm, which is almost cot bed size and are made with the softest material I have ever come across. Including shipping the personalised blanket cost €49.50.

Irish baby brands
When Aidan was born he was a chubby 8lb 11oz and went straight into 0-3 months clothes. Finn weighed 7lb 9oz, but he is long and skinny – meaning at 2 weeks he is still a little lost in newborn sized babygros. He has a tiny little neck meaning that any ‘one size fits all’ bibs I had bought were utterly useless! I happened to have some that Kellie from My Little Babog had sent me from and they were the perfect fit on their smallest setting so I immediately went and bought a collection of them. Because they have 4 different size settings and they wash so well they will do Finn right up until he is finished with dribblers. Each dribbler costs €5, but they are currently running offers of 3 for €12, 6 for €21 and 10 for €32.50!

Irish baby brands

Irish baby brands

Baba Me
Technically I haven’t ordered from them yet but I have my eye on the Lillebaby All Seasons Elephant Parade. I think a sling is a must have with two under two – it will allow me to hold the baby and still have my hands free to play with the toddler. Anyway, even though I haven’t dealt with them directly yet I have been a member of their Facebook group for a while now – their offers, helpfulness and advice cannot be faulted! They also offer 10% off your first order using the code ‘firstorder’.

*I purchased all products mentioned and was not asked or influenced to include any of the above brands – I simply love to spend money and influence others to do so 😉

Meet Finn

I have been almost completely absent from my blog and my Youtube channel over the past few months. Well, after 41 weeks and 3 days he finally decided to arrive! I will be sharing my birth story on my Youtube channel soon but for now… Meet Finn!