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One Month Update | Finn

It’s 5 weeks since Finn was born – 5 weeks?! Seriously where has the time gone. In one way he still feels brand new but it also feels like he was always here. Now don’t get me wrong we are still very much learning and adapting to our new dynamics but luckily it has been going well so far. Within the first two years babies change so much from month to month so I love doing updates from time to time because it is crazy to see how much they have advanced in such a short period of time.


Height/Weight: Finn hasn’t been weighed or measured since we took him to A&E at 2 days old. Basically, our PHN advised us to go and have his blood sugar checked and when we got there all the doctors and nurses couldn’t understand why we had been sent out – go figure?! Anyway, by that stage he had already gone back up to his birth weight of 7lb 9oz. Since then we have had a few issues with reflux and it means that he has only begun to put on weight in the past week since I switched his formula.

When he was born Finn was 52cm long. I would guess that he is around 55/56cm now because he is now too long for newborn clothes, even though he is still lost in the body of them.

Routine: HA! The only little bit of coincidence ‘routine’ that we have is that Finn takes a bottle around 8pm and sleeps until somewhere between 2 and 4am and then sleeps again until around 8am. Can’t complain with that!

Sleeping: Before I switched his formula he would take his bottle and still be wide awake and irritable as well as spitting up a lot. Since changing his food Finn sleeps between all of his bottles except his morning one. He will have a bottle around 8/9am and stay awake until about 12. He will normally go about 5/6 hours between feeds during the day but like I did with Aidan I will feed him on request because he knows better than I do when he is hungry.

Eating/Feeding: Finn is taking 6-7oz bottles and is now on Aptamil Reflux and Regurgitation formula.

Sizes: He is now too long for his newborn clothes but is totally lost in 0-3months babygros so I think I will have to get him pants and top sets which might fit better. He still wears size 1 nappies but I’m thinking of moving him up a size soon.

Milestones: Finn has started to smile (and yes I am sure it’s not just wind!).

18 thoughts on “One Month Update | Finn

  1. It must be crazy how quick the time has gone, he looks adorable in the photo. That is a pretty good routine to get into that quickly, i’ll keep my fingers crossed that it stays like that for you x

  2. Oh he’s so gorgeous!! They’re so precious at this age. And you’re right, they grow so fast… ;-(
    I hope his reflux settles down soon, my eldest had it and it’s just the worst. You just want to make them comfortable and you can’t.
    Hope you’re feeling ok too! I’m super impressed you’re finding time to blog. Multitasking to the max, high five to you!

  3. congratulations on Finn! yes! time flies, mine is turning 3 months in a couple of days! I love it so much when they smile at you on purpose, like they’re truly responding to what you’re saying…all the best for the coming months! x


  4. Oh he is so adorable. What a gorgeous capture. That first month absolutely flies by doesn’t it? Then the first year and beyond. Cherish every moment. x

  5. Ok. I don’t know what just happened there, but your post about your gorgeous little Fin actually made me broody!!
    (I’ve had 4 and DONT WANT any more!)
    Clearly I need to stay away from this blog … until I’m menopausal or something!!
    Anna x

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