One step forward, Two ounces back


Finn was a hunger from the moment he was born. He took to his bottles at lightening speed compared to Aidan. His first bottle he took over an ounce which the nurses were shocked about given his slender size. Like his Dad and brother he could not, and still can’t, seem to stop feeding. We recently had to switch his food to the reflux and regurgitation food because his little tummy couldn’t manage to keep his full feeds down which only added to his excessive hunger.

If it wasn’t for the ‘Baby Connect’ app I wouldn’t have had a clue how much or how often Finn was fed, changed or spit up. I used this with Aidan too and it was a godsend. By keeping track of Finn’s feeds and how often he spit up I was able to tell that it wasn’t just ‘normal’ spit up and that something needed to change. I love the Aptamil formula so when I saw they had one for regurgitation I decided that was the best direction to take and one week on there is a huge difference. Finn now spits up ‘normal’ amounts within an hour after his bottles, there are no more projectile incidents in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep and he is keeping down his food which is the most important thing.

He now, at 4 weeks old, has 6oz bottles – and drains them dry!

However, as Sod’s law states, the moment I up those bottles to 7 ounces he will revert back to only drinking about 4 – why?! I think it is how newborns get their kicks or something because I remember Aidan doing the exact same. While we’re on it, why do they wait until you are literally walking out the door to pull out their poo face or save their extremely loud farts for quiet, public places?

So, it’s one huge step forward but I am expecting to go at least two ounces back.

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  1. What a greedy monkey, sounds just like Indiana was as a baby (and still is haha). Glad the change in milk helped, we switched to comfort with both kids and it helped them loads xx

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