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How I Cleared my Cystic Acne [Before & After Pics]

You may have seen a post I wrote a few months back, my 28 week pregnancy update, where I mentioned that my pregnancy acne had cleared up. Obviously being pregnant meant that anything too harsh and certain chemicals were off limits meaning I had to try out other methods.

cystic acne

Firstly, I knew that aloe vera was soothing to irritated skin so I decided to try products containing aloe vera. After the amazing results we have gotten from ziaja products in the past I decided to give their aloe cleansing milk a try. I think this was what helped to take down the severe redness and irritation initially and even now helps with redness I had from pre pregnancy.


Next I decided to try the Nip+Fab glycol fix cleansing pads. I had seen several bloggers using these and apparently they are a favourite of Kylie Jenner too. The glycolic pads not only exfoliate the skin and remove dead cells but they also pull the water from the deeper layers of the skin to the top layers providing a ‘plumping’ effect. The reason I gave these a go was not only for the extra cleaning but in the hopes that they may dull or reduce the many scars that remained from years of bad skin. I have to say that this is one of those products that even though its popularity is based on a celebrity recommendation deserves every piece of hype. I will never be without these in my house because they have made such a change to my skin – completely erasing several of my scars and deep pores. I have also purchased the cleanser in the past few weeks so I am excited to see if that will help even more.

Cleaning make up brushes. When my skin is very bad I will either plaster on make up everyday or I will completely avoid it. This time I avoided make up until it started to heal a little because the make up would irritate it even worse. Once I began to wear make up again I knew that cleaning brushes, sponges and other make up tools was a very important part of the process. For years I used baby shampoo to clean them but this method wasn’t disinfecting my brushes so I began to spot clean my brushes with Dettol after every 2/3 uses which meant that any bacteria from my face was removed frequently enough between washing. I now use Moo Goo goats milk soap to deep clean them based on the recommendation from Laura Dempsey, a local make up artist.

*I am not sure if Dettol is good for brushes so follow this step at your own will. I have been doing it for months now and had no issues but I am not sure if cheaper brands or long term use would ruin brushes.


I have recently began to use coconut oil to moisturise my skin which had become severely dehydrated. It seems to be doing great things but it is still very early days to give a proper judgement. I also put it in my hair as a mask and it was amazing!

And now for the pictures. I still can’t believe that it was actually this bad. A skincare expert actually told me to go to A&E at one stage because she was so worried about what was going on beneath the redness.



And now…
PicMonkey Collage

Don’t get me wrong I know it’s not perfect and to be honest it probably never will be but it is so much better and pain free! I now have several products that I use on my face daily to keep everything clear and in the best condition it can be so keep an eye out for my current skincare favourites post in the next few weeks.



3 thoughts on “How I Cleared my Cystic Acne [Before & After Pics]

  1. Ouch. That looks painful 🙁 I get a bad skin irritation on my hands in particular during pregnancy and breastfeeding, but thankfully it’s mostly just itchy.

    It’s great you managed to improve it so much!

  2. It looks like it is clearing well for you and you went about it very well. I love ziaja products and coconut oil is fantastic for so many things, isn’t it? It is the only thing I use on my kids skin.

    I am terrible for not cleaning my makeup brushes so might give your Moogoo soap suggestion a try.

    I hope you keep healing, thanks for the tips.

  3. Goodness you poor thing. It looks really sore. I’m pleased you’ve been finding products to help – the difference is amazing.

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