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I was contacted by the lovely people at Chicco a few weeks ago and told about the new bottle range they were about to launch – the Chicco Natural Feeling range.

Firstly, the packaging of the bottles was beautiful. The gift set (2 bottles and 1 soother) would make a lovely gift for expecting parents. These are available in both pink and blue.

The natural feeling range also has dual anti-colic valves. In the beginning, Finn suffered from colic and also regurgitation so anti colic bottles were a must for us. I found with the Chicco range that he had little to no wind after his bottles. He is on special food which helps him to keep his feeds down so the bottles worked well with the thicker formula – using the second size teat.

The bottles have an angled teat to replicate the way babies instinctively feed. This also ensures correct position while sucking. The angled teat made it easier for him to get all the milk from his bottle without hassle. It also made it easier for me to see when the bottle was empty meaning he didn’t swallow any air.

We used another bottle brand on Aidan and they were a nightmare to try and clean which put me off using them again. I found the Natural Feeding range easy to clean and they are dishwasher safe also.


Finn took to the bottles straight away and it was the first time he ever finished a whole bottle. He had little to no wind thanks to the anti-colic valves. The bottles were easy to clean and are dishwasher safe. I would recommend the Natural Feeling range, especially to parents of a baby who suffers from colic or trapped wind.

The Natural Feeling range is available from Boots online. The stock the entire range from teats to starter sets with prices ranging from €9.50 to €37.

chic natural feeling


* I was given some products from the Natural Feeling range for the purpose of this review but as always all opinions are my own, and Finn’s.

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