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Our New Normal | Life Update

I admit I’ve been putting off this post for a while. Why? I’m really not sure but I guess I wasn’t sure if I was ready to share it with the world yet. (Pfft as if the whole world reads my blog!).

life update | autism

Aidan is now 2 years and 3 months old. He is clever, funny and extremely happy. He is healthy and thriving in most aspects of toddler life – tantrums included. However, Aidan does not speak. He has yet to say his first word. Now, everybody will be quick to tell you the story of their friend’s child or husband’s cousin who didn’t talk until they were 3 or 4 and truth be told I didn’t think about his speech delay as an issue for a very long time. My lovely friend, Stacey has a little boy, Jacob, who is around the same age as Aidan. Months ago she began to mention how she was thinking that Jacob may have autism based on different things he did. I thought ”Aidan does those things but there is no way he has autism”. As time went on and Aidan’s speech still hadn’t started I began to look into ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) a little more. I noticed that Aidan had quite a few of the traits that were ‘stereotypical’ for a child with ASD. He would spin, laugh randomly, only eat certain foods, avoid eye contact with strangers and didn’t answer to his name a lot of the time. (Among other things)

We had our 2 year check up with the public health nurse and I told her about my concerns. She suggested that we see a speech therapist first and they could refer us to the autism assessment team if needed. She thought it might be a speech issue and the other ‘flags’ from frustration at being unable to communicate. But that’s where she is wrong. Aidan doesn’t struggle to communicate at all. He can tell us what he wants, how he feels and what he needs, just without using words. He never gets frustrated at being unable to communicate because he can, in a non-verbal way. Which we are very lucky about. However, we went ahead and decided to get the speech assessment first.

Currently, we are waiting to hear from them with a date for his assessment, which should be within the next 8 weeks. We have made a few changes which have had a massive impact – I will talk about that in a separate post. Most importantly we are taking steps to getting help. When I looked into ASD the main thing all the websites say is that early intervention is key. We want Aidan to get all the help he needs now and all the help we can to know what we need to do for him.

And, that’s where I have been the past few months. We are only starting on our new path which will have many ‘bumps and roundabouts’, I’m sure. So, thank you for sticking around when I have been far from consistent but as I’m sure all who read my blog know – Family always comes first!

12 thoughts on “Our New Normal | Life Update

  1. I’m glad to hear you’re on the road to getting the assessment – definitely better to get these things sorted sooner rather than later. You know your boy better than anyone so stick to your guns. Hopefully the wait list isn’t too long.

  2. Being a parent is so much harder than we ever imagined. Sometimes when we are watching for ‘signs’ it can be a very negative experience. I’m glad you can see your happy little boy despite it all.
    Aidan is lucky to have you in his corner. I’m sure despite your brave post these are difficult days waiting. Virtual hugs to you.

  3. He might just simply have a speech delay. He is only 2 years and 3 months after all. My 4 year old didn’t start talking properly until he was just over 3 years of age. He did go to a speech therapist because they advised it. In my opinion it was unnecessary because every child is different. I didn’t really do any of the excercises they recommended to me and at 3 1/2 years the speech picked up. They say that’s the age where it all comes.
    I did google this kind of stuff before too but it’s just the way they are. Keep us updated.

  4. You are a wonderful mum Hun, getting your beautiful boy the support no matter what the outcome is the key. I am here every step of the way Hun if you need me. Xx

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