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Pamper Time

Like most parents, I tend to put myself at the bottom of the pile. I usually sort the kids, the dinner, the laundry, the house and then fall into bed. A few weeks ago, I attended the Deise blogger event and was given a very generous goody bag (actually 5 generous goody bags!). As the event was more beauty and skincare than parenting I came home with lots of new products for me – something I am not used to! I decided to give myself some pamper time and try out a few things.


As you may know, I have had my fair share of skin suffering, so I don’t try new products all that often for fear of angering my skin. In the goody bag were lots of skincare, some of which I know and love and others which were completely new to me.

Tomitago Elixir
If you have seen my previous acne and skincare posts you will know that Tomitago is a brand that really helped me during my pregnancy acne. I already own their elixir so I was delighted to have another one in the goody bag. I will be doing a post about Tomitago really soon because they are a brand that has truly stolen my heart.


Dermalogica Charcoal Mask
I love masks. I think most girls (and men, don’t lie!) like doing a face mask. It is the stereotypical image for ‘pampering’. I’m always nervous to spend lots of money on skincare because it is so hit and miss to each individual but I can safely say that I will definitely be purchasing the full size of this! I am no beauty expert but all I know is it smells lovely (sort of charcoaly – yano like coal for the fire? I dunno I like it), drys in seconds so that can’t move your face type of mask – that! And, it leaves the skin soft and clear. Charcoal is a purifier (here comes the science nerd) so it helps to remove impurities from the skin. Like those water filters, they’re usually charcoal filters.


Glove Your Body
I used the GYB facial cleansing exfoliator pad to remove the mask. I have the GYB tanning mitt and it is possibly the best mitt I’ve used (and I’ve used a LOT!). The cleansing pad (muslin side) was ideal for removing the mask and it has a handy strap that slots over your fingers for easy use.

Hair & Body:

Whatever small amount of time I spend on skincare I spend even less on my hair and body. As in fancy products – I still wash them both the appropriate amount! So, also in the goody bag were some hair masks and shower goodies.

Alfaparf Hair Mask
Hands up who here has done a hair mask before? I think I put coconut oil in once for 10 minutes but that was the full extent. As I mentioned about I was not blessed with cooperative skin and that includes on my head. I have suffered from psoriasis for many years again making me a little standoffish to trying new hair care as it usually flares up my scalp. Well, curiosity got the better of me and I tried Alfaparfs Semi Di Lino Diamond  shampoo & mask and firstly, no psoriasis reaction – woo! Secondly, wow! I literally got so many compliments on my hair the following day! It stayed softer longer between washes, has a lovely feel to it and was like it has been washed in the salon. Like the Dermalogica, this is something I will be stocking up on too!


Glove Your Body Exfoliating Mitt
I love exfoliating mitts. I use them with whatever shower gel I have mixed with some Epsom salts and I have baby soft skin. Honestly, it’s like when you shave your legs and then rub them all day – that kind of soft! The mitt has an elasticated wrist so that it stays on easily while you get ta scrubbin’. (I dunno why I typed like that but it kinda felt right.)



Optional Extra

Karora Tan
I don’t tan all the time simply because it is a waste. The boys won’t know the difference if I’m white or mahogany and if I leave the house it is usually with a mum bun and vomit down my top so all the tan in the world won’t save that. However, we did get some Karora tan in our goody bags and I have heard so many great things about them lately that I might just have to add an extra step next time I pamper myself.


So I’ll be glowing faced, soft skinned, shiny hair with a beautiful tan watching the Bake Off next week 😉

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