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Why I Don’t Co-Sleep

Here, my friends is why I don’t co-sleep! I love the idea of co-sleeping, all the lovely pics of parents snuggled up with their little ones and that quality bonding time. However, in my house, the reality is far from that!

October 5th, 2016 – The night I remembered why I can’t co-sleep!

We were really lucky with Aidan, he was a great sleeper from the minute he was born. He slept through the night from 6 weeks, took regular naps and stayed in his cot. He lulled us into a false security of babies at bedtime.

Now there is Finn. He never, EVER sleeps. Not in the day. Not in the night. Not ever.

We have gotten used to taking sleep in shifts. I do up until it is a relatively reasonable hour and then Clayton gets up with him. I originally thought I had the better shift because it meant I got a lie in but with a toddler screaming that his cars won’t stay on top of each other I am starting to think I may be getting a raw deal.

Well, the other night really took the….biscuit.

As usual, we put Finn to bed but he woke at stupid o clock and we couldn’t seem to settle him. (By we I mean me – men’s ears just turn off at night somehow?). I spent about 2 hours rocking him, feeding him, swaying him, walking with him, white noise, no noise, covers, no covers, everything. I eventually said here goes and took him into our bed. Then the fun really started.

After rocking him for another 45 minutes, rubbing his face and lying him down at a snail’s pace he finally settled. When I looked there were about 4 inches between the man and the baby. I am not 4 inches! Now I faced the decision of moving the baby or to sleep sitting up. Lose lose. I decided to slide my arm under Finn and see if I could slide him without moving him too much – if that makes sense. SUCCESS!

I had now given myself about 10 inches of space to sleep on. In Mom terms, that is the equivalent of 10 foot. Luxury. Time to sleep…..

Bare in mind I am holding my breath for fear of waking the baby. Next thing Clayton starts snoring. Not just a little snore, like an elephant with a cold! So I hit him. And he kept going. And I kept hitting him. Not too strongly because I had a sleeping Finn pinning down my other arm. Finally, I held his nose until he woke up (Clayton, not the baby! Obviously.) And then I did the obvious thing to do in that situation. I pretended to be asleep. He turned over. SUCCESS.

At last, time to settle into sleep. I settle down and get comfy and then I realise I have a dead arm from the baby.



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  1. Co-sleeping worked for us until E realised that he had arms and legs that could take up a ridiculous amount of space (to be fair, it took him three months to get to regular newborn size). From then on, he made it very clear that there is space for one other person in the king sized bed, not two…. and it’s normally me that gets the boot. These days I just trot off to his bed (thankfully an equally sized bed) and leave them to it….. time to kick Clayton out, or find a comfier spot for you! Hope the sleep comes soon!

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