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Family Snacks with Organix #ad

As you can imagine two kids under three have LOTS of energy. This means that we try to get them out in the air as much as possible so that they sleep lights out at night (or at least we live in hope!) We love farms, beaches and nature walks which we are lucky to have plenty of nearby. We pack a picnic, load up the car and head out. Especially in the nice weather we have been having lately!

As you probably know Aidan is on a gluten and dairy free diet which means that if we don’t pack food for him his choices can be extremely limited or non-existent depending on where we go. And as you can imagine with both boys so young they always want what the other one has – which can be a problem where snacks are concerned. I used to have Organix when Aidan was younger but as he grew and his diet went a bit crazy* all snacks were ignored. Since Finn was coming up for 12 months I began to introduce snacks back and guess what?! Organix not only have a no junk promise but they also have many gluten and dairy free snacks! Now to some people, this might not be a huge deal but in our house it’s massive! It not only gives us a new avenue of snacks for Aidan but it also means that the boys can have the same snacks on our days out. Win-win.

organix snacks

Here are a few of the things we have been packing lately….

  1. Cocoa & Orange Crispies
    Aidan was never a fan of chocolate luckily but he did enjoy dark chocolate from time to time so he did like the crispy bars. Took him a while to come around the texture of them but not too long 😉 They now need to be rationed!
  2. Banana & Date Fruit Bars
    Without a doubt, these were Finn’s favourite. The soft texture is somewhat moldable meaning that he was able to fit it right into his fingers (before ramming it into his face!) He found the empty wrapper off one in my bag yesterday and cried for about 20 minutes because we had none left. 5* from Finn!
    Aidan wasn’t too keen on these possible because of their softness. I am going to pick up the Apple & Date flavour because he is an apple lover.
  3. Gingerbread men
    Unfortunately, Aidan couldn’t have these ones because they contain gluten but fear not Dad was on site to help Finn polish them off. He told my Mam she needs to buy then for her house ”for Finn”. The gingerbread shape was ideal for Finn because not only could he grip them easily it also stopped him from shoving it all in his mouth at once (Which he does – a lot!). I think the size of them is perfect because one or two were plenty for Finn meaning you get 7 or 8 lots of snacks from one pack.
  4. Carrot Stix/ Noughts and Crosses
    I have stashes of these in our house, my parent’s house, my Nans house and basically anywhere the boys may visit. These were the first Organix product I found that was gluten and dairy free and was something both the boys loved, and still do. I think Finn may slightly prefer the carrot stix but Aidan loves them both equally. This is my 5* pick!

organix snacks

It is great to find something you kids enjoy that contains no unnecessary ingredients, is organic and has so many different products to choose from! This is something even more important for Aidan because when you eliminate dairy and gluten many brands substitute with a high sugar content which is not good for children. Overall, I could not be happier to have found a convenient but healthy brand that both my boys can enjoy on our days out.


*This post is in collaboration with Organix but all opinions are my own.

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