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Farmer’s Market Sorting Set | Review

farmers market sorting set

You may have seen on my Instagram that we are now part of the Learning Resources Testing Team! As you can imagine we were delighted to get on board. Over the next few weeks we will be reviewing some of their different toys covering learning areas like numbers, letters, colours and sorting. We will review each product and also give alternative ways we used it.

First up we received the Farmers Market Sorting set. The set consists of 5 baskets and 25 different fruit and vegetables. The aim of the set is to have the child sort the foods by colours and put them into their corresponding baskets.

farmers market sorting set

The first thing I noticed with this set was that the food included is not that plastic flimsy stuff you usually get. It is a rubber type material that is durable and doesn’t dent and lose their shape. (Trust me they have attempted to eat the ‘grapes’ on more than one occasion). The food is also very realistic and it is easy to identify each one. The baskets are a good size and fit all their corresponding foods easily with room for you to add extra bits if you wish.

Aidan liked to sort the foods by colour but he never really got the idea of putting them into the baskets. He also likes to sort them into a fruit pile and a vegetable pile. We use them in different counting games, to learn colours and names of different foods. I can 100% say that the Farmer’s Market Sorting Set has been played with every day since we got it. It was so hard to get any pictures because I literally have to wrestle it from him.

Alternate activities for the Farmer’s Market Sorting Set:

The foods were ideal as props in different songs about foods. This really helped him to link the words to the object. Even if he does still insist that broccoli are ‘trees’.

We used them alongside some coloured numbers. So Aidan would put two foods beside the number 2, three beside number 3, etc. If your child is more advanced you could have them sort by number and colour – four red foods beside number 4.

The set is ideal for pretend play in a kitchen/ shop/ market setting.

…..and apparently washing them in the garden is fun too!


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