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Life Update – surely every post a blogger writes is a life update of sorts? Anyway, considering I have been pretty absent on here especially in relation to our life and what has been going on I thought the best way to get back would be to catch you up to where we have been and what’s been happening.

So where do I begin?

We moved house.

Originally it wasn’t by our choice but in the end, we actually could have stayed at our old house if we wanted. By pure chance, we found this house and we all love it! I got the decorate it all how I want, and while it is still nowhere near finished I am happy with how it is coming along. It is not far from our old house, which means it’s not far from my parents or Clayton’s work either and the school we plan to send the boys to is really close by.

I originally wondered how Aidan would adjust. Overall he can handle day to day change but his bedroom is somewhere he is most relaxed. It is his personal space away from all the struggles of the world. We brought him up a good number of times before we moved in (we lived with my parents between houses because our bed and sofa deliveries took FOREVER!) and he seemed to really like his new playroom. We also kept his room the same colour as before and all his furniture came too. He took it all in his stride overall and he has settled in brilliantly. Finn sleeps better here than he ever did in his life – thankfully because we were literally running on empty for far too long.

There is a house tour video on our Youtube channel if you want to check that out.


Some of you are probably wondering what is going on with Aidan and our autism journey but honestly, that is a post in itself. It is such a LONG and complicated process – so for parents who may be searching the internet looking for as much information as possible (like I did/do), I don’t want to skim over anything. I promise to do an update on where we are with Aidan’s journey and any information I have gained along the way soon.

Going along with that we are nearing our 1 year GFCF anniversary (is that a thing? If not it should be because it is an achievement!). So I also plan to do a post on that and I will include other GFCF blogs and pages I have found with great recipes and success stories. While I know it doesn’t work for everybody I have heard so many great stories that I think if you’re on the fence TRY IT! (Do I sound like those people selling Forever Living? I’m sorry!)


Oh, I have also started eating a plant-based diet (I find when I say vegan people judge me). This means cutting out meat and any animal products. Why? Not because of animals or the environment (sorry real vegans!) but because of my acne. I found that I was always having breakouts in the ‘hormonal’ areas – so my chin and jawline.

I found a video on Youtube and it kind of turned on a lightbulb for me. Everyone knows by now that there are growth hormones in meat and dairy in order to bulk up animals or help produce larger volumes of milk, etc. so it stands to reason that this may be what is causing my own hormones to act up and resulting in breakouts specifically in that area. I didn’t know how I could live without cheese or chocolate but guess what – I really don’t miss them. I know acne can be something lots of people struggle with so I might do a post about my results in case it helps anyone.


So, that is really it – our life update. Probably not very exciting considering I have been gone so long but I am always on Instagram and Snapchat (ellen.okeeffe) if you want to see me daily. Not that considering that’s how I update you after 5 months I’m not really selling myself very well!


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