The Web this Week #1

As is beyond evident I have lost my blogging mojo as of late. It seems like just as I find my rhythm life throws me a curve ball. At the moment I seem to have found a routine which includes time awake without a small human pulling at me – success! Aidan has started in his playgroup two afternoons a week which gives me a few hours to tackle housework with only one destructor in my way and both boys are currently embracing their bedtime routine which is worth my weight in gold!

I decided to try getting back into my online swing because spending most of my time talking to two little people with limited language does get a little bit lonely. (Clayton is here too but unless I learn about sports he is less than enthusiastic about our conversations.) So, my idea was born. I spend a little some most of my spare time online and I usually find some things that I think other people might enjoy. Sometimes I just share things directly to my facebook but others just don’t fit so this is somewhere I can compose all those little internet gems including bargains and hacks. (Family, lifestyle, parenting, kids type stuff)



Starting off by influencing others who are hopefully not as easily influenced as me. It is safe to say that one of the most popular sales among parents every year (or several times a year) is the Next sale. Well, there is one coming up! It starts this Saturday at 7 am with all sale items half price or less! If I can manage to scrape a few pennies together that is exactly where I will be heading! I got a fab romper for Finn in one of their sales that was still selling for full price online so it is definitely worth popping in.

Smyths toy sale is another one that is favoured around this time of year. If you are lucky enough to have an idea of what is going to be on the big list then check out their current toy sale! I have to say it is not as good as past years with very few toys on sale but there is a rumour going around that a ‘spend €50 save €10/spend €100 save €20’ could also make an appearance before the big day.

Another rumour is that the Argos 3 for 2 sale is not too far away so might be worth keeping an eye out there too.



Admittedly, this is a hack I have seen in some forms for a while. In fact, my Mom does a version of this herself and swears by it! It is the Microwave cleaning hack. My Mom puts a half cup of water into the microwave for 1 minute and then uses a damp clothes to clean it out. The steam from the water lifts all the hard, dried food making it so easy to wipe. However, this week I saw someone say to put a wet (wet enough so that it doesn’t dry out and start a fire!) cloth or sponge into the microwave for 30 seconds and then use that to clean the microwave. So I did just that – now I will say that the sponge got very hot so rubber gloves are advisable (or obviously the cup version works the same if you don’t have any gloves around) but it cleaned the microwave like a dream!

Now had I known that this blog post would be happening I could have taken a before and after pictures to demonstrate but alas here we are. Here is a random photo of a microwave from google just for effect.

You’d never know that I didn’t take that this week!


I spend most nights watching Youtube rather than TV these days (which I think is fairly common now, right?). There is just never anything on TV so I would much rather watch people’s daily lives or my true weakness cleaning videos! Speed cleaning videos have become massive on youtube and I even made some myself a few months back which have gotten over 1,000 views (which is pretty massive to little old me) but I still watch them religiously (not my personal ones other peoples) so here are some of the ones I have been watching and loving lately. Although I feel like if I cleaned as much as I watched others clean we would live in a sparkling home – nobody tell Clayton!

Nighttime cleaning routines

Anything from the ‘Clean My Space’ channel

How to create a cleaning routine

Hey, that’s me!

Social Media Showstopper

Instagram is probably my social media of choice lately. I love scrolling through and seeing so many beautiful pictures. This past week (or two) I have been loving Hannah Maggs account! Now I am sure you’re all following her already – she is a youtuber and mom of two but her newest little man is only a few weeks old and I have totally been drooling over all the teeny tiny newborn pics. Especially the ones with his big brother – oh my heart!

And if I’m not on Instagram you will find me stalking lots of people I have never met over on Snapchat! Sounds creepy when I put it like that doesn’t it? I think snapchat is bigger than instastories in Ireland at the moment but they’re the same idea – short videos. There is a really nice community on there and I have met some lovely people through it. One of those lovely people is Grace (@frillyflossy) who is also a blogger. She too just had a newborn squish – who was probably the most anticipated Irish baby of September 2017! And he did not disappoint. Such a little dote! Grace is also a mom of two but she shares her daily life, recipes, talks about grief after losing her own mom and very importantly spreads awareness about cervical cancer. If you’re on snapchat check Grace out and if not then her blog Frilly Flossy is also great!

Hey, it’s me again just somewhere else online!

Ok I think that is enough of what I have been up to online this week. Be sure to share anything of interest you have found this week because as is very evident apart from conversations about paw patrol my time is spent online!

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