Weekly Schedule – Special Needs Parents

I remember when Aidan was younger thinking ‘is this it?’ like I would hear parents talking about constantly being in the car and running from one place to another transporting their kids. Now, admittedly they probably had older kids doing after school activities but within a few months I was regretting ever saying anything. The minute you become a special needs parents your life is filled with appointments, therapies and home plans. It can get very overwhelming and because we are often running on little to no sleep it can all get a little hard to remember.

I am a stationary addict but I couldn’t seem to find something that I could put all of Aidan’s things in the one place – appointments, classes, goals, plans, etc. So I decided to make one myself. This is a one page a4 print out that I laminated and write on with a white board marker. It means I have everything in the one place and at a glance. By laminating it I can write on it with dry erase markers and wipe it clean at the end of the week to start again (frugal, eh?)

Here is an example of the type of things on our Weekly Planner


I thought I would pop it up here incase any of you might find it helpful too. (I buy my dry erase markers in Mr.Price for like €2)

P.s. I have never done something like this before so I am hoping you can just click the link below or right click the picture and save or print but if there are any issues just let me know and I can email it over to you.

Weekly schedule

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