The Perfect Family Road Trip

If you read my previous post you will know my feelings about staying in hotels with kids, which is basically – don’t do it! With this past experience in mind I decided to take a look at the best day trips to visit with the family, that are just a drive away.


Here are four day trips that I am yet to experience but am looking forward to, all of which are located in or just outside of Waterford.


Medieval Museum


Take the kids back in time to knights and wizards as you explore the myths and legends told in the medieval museum. This outing may appeal to older children more than younger ones but it is educational and there are some things you can do to entertain those under 10 years old.

When visiting museums I have always found that making a quiz for the children can be fun or a scavenger hunt. Make a list of medieval artifacts that may be in the museum for the children to find and check off once found, this list should keep them intrigued, especially if there’s a prize or visit to the gift shop afterwards (all children seem to love a gift shop).

Alternatively, visiting when there is an event can be fun too. With opportunities for photographs, games and to learn this trip serves a dual purpose.


Prices are good with accompanied children under 14 being free and adults costing €7 it’s worth a look.


Secret Valley Wildlife Park


Such a fun day out, located in Wexford this wildlife park takes up fourteen acres. There are plenty of new experiences to be had from feeding goats to pony rides. If neither of these things interest you, then the indoor play area or crazy golf course may be of interest.

There are many animals who call Secret Valley home, which means there’s a lot for the children to do and learn.


Admission isn’t too bad either, with online prices starting at €32.00 for a family of 4. Individual tickets are also available and can be purchased online.


Castlecomer Discovery Park


For outdoor lovers this is perfect, located in Kilkenny it’s a fun day out. Offering the chances to climb in the treetops and explore the 80 acres of natural woodland, and for younger children there are timber tumbles and playgrounds with a mini zip-wire.

Obviously, not all children enjoy climbing the treetops, so if you like your feet to stay firmly on the ground the craft studio may be for you. For the older ones looking to relax there’s even chance to fish.


Each activity costs money, although some areas such as the Elf and Fairy Village are free to explore.


The National Reptile Zoo


This is the only reptile zoo in Ireland and it’s home to over 50 exhibits. Many reptiles including snakes, lizards and tortoises call it home. And it’s not just land reptiles that can be found here but turtles and alligators too.

Children will love this trip and I am looking forward to the trained wranglers helping us get up close to the animals. You don’t have to get too close though, there’s also a Tropical Walk-through Habitat so you can see the reptiles with a wall or glass to protect you.


The zoo is open from 10am to 6pm 7 days a week giving you plenty of time to see it all. Prices are good too at  €9.90 per adult and €7.50 per child.



Even though these escapes will be day trips all parents know it’s best to take activities for the car journey and plenty of refreshments in case of any emergency toilet breaks or traffic problems.


There are plenty of other great days out for the family and you may find just what you’re looking for in this fantastic eBook by Chill Insurance.


This post was created in collaboration with Chill Insurance.

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