Childs Farm Sun Range | Review & Giveaway

In my recent ‘Top 5 summer essentials‘ post, I mentioned our new favourite sun cream from Childs Farm. Up to now, I thought all sun creams done the same job so just pick one with a high factor. I was wrong.

Childs Farm Nappy Cream | Review

Ellen / January 20, 2015

I am very lucky in that Aidan doesn’t suffer from nappy rash/ irritation. However, a few weeks ago I did notice he had gotten quite red, which some people say could be his teeth. I will say I kind of panicked, Aidan had never had any redness before so part of me (which I’m sure I get from my mother)…

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Childs Farm Giveaway

Ellen / December 10, 2014

Some of you may have seen my tweet Monday night saying that I am now a Childs Farm brand ambassador. I am very excited to work with a brand that I have been a huge fan of since Aidan was born. If you read my What’s in my changing bag? post, way back when, you will see that Childs Farm hand and…

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Top 5 Summer Bag Essentials

I have been a little MIA on both the blog and my Youtube channel but since the rain has gone away and I have a child destined to be outdoors and another who refuses to sleep all day until about 9pm the time I get on the laptop is usually with one eye struggling to stay open. We have been…

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Baby products that become Beauty products

Ellen / February 15, 2015

When I first become a Mom my precious beauty products were well stocked in my lovely HerClutterBox (which every make-up addict needs if you ask me!). As soon as A was born make-up and beauty products took second place to baby converse and adorable mini human outfits. How many beauty products do you need when you hardly get to leave the…

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Happy Days #15

Ellen / January 24, 2015

As always I am linking up with Jenna and Katy the lovely hosts of the Happy Days linky. Out and About I didn’t venture too far out this week. We went to visit my Mom and my Nan but that’s about the extent of it. Aidan however went on some walks with his Dad this week which was nice for me to actually get…

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Mini Baby Haul

Ellen / September 5, 2014

Yesterday me and A ventured into town to enjoy the last of nice weather and to meet some friends. I couldnt come home empty handed so I picked up a few things and heres what I got for Aidan… Ok well this one is kind of for me, as I mentioned previously I really like The Childs Farm hand &…

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Whats in my diaper bag…

Ellen / August 27, 2014

I estimate Ive watched about 30 ‘whats in my diaper bag’ videos. I seem to really enjoy having a look through other peoples bags.. does that sounds creepy? Anyways, I thought maybe its time to share whats in my bag.. its only fair really. Well first off my diaper bag itself is a yummy mummy Pink Lining bag, not sure…

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