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Sharing my ‘talking tips’ for Speech Delay

Hey guys!
So as you will have noticed I have been a bit absent on here since around Christmas. This is partially due to me just losing my blogging mojo, having no spare time because my children never slept at the same time and moving house. Mostly though it is because Aidan has really begun to find his voice. Since Christmas, his speech has come on so much!

No lie, Christmas week Aidan had one word. Apple. That one word brought us all so much joy because it gave us hope. It showed us that he could learn words and understand what things were. That being said he still had a very little grasp that objects had names. So he had no idea a cat was called a cat or what a ball was. He couldn’t point one out in a book or any other object for that matter.

In the 3 months since then, he has come on so much! If you follow me on Instagram you will know that he now knows about 30 animals, their sounds, the whole alphabet (to say and by sight), numbers 1-12 (We are aiming for 20), some shapes, foods and is starting to take turns in nursery rhymes. Even in the 4/5 weeks between appointments the speech therapists they were shocked at how much he has come on. Including the improvement of his attention span.

I should probably point out now that around the beginning of January we were 6 months gluten and dairy free. From everything I read online before starting the diet, it takes 6 months from your body to be completely free of gluten. Now it could be completely coincidental that Aidan’s speech burst onto the scene around the same time but it seems to me that this diet has been nothing but beneficial to Aidan. We can tell straight away if Aidan is after having dairy because he takes a massive step backwards. I will do a post more about the diet soon.

Anyway, I have decided to share my all the things I do with Aidan to help his speech. This will include everything we learned at the Hanen ‘More Than Words’ course which is more focused on helping your child’s social skills and teaching them to communicate whichever way suits them -verbally, gestures or using visuals. I will also talk more about Aidan’s diet, things that have worked for us and things that didn’t work for us personally.

I will try and do a blog post and video for each one if I can but some things are had to explain without a visual. My first video about our learning folder can be found on my Youtube channel,. It is a folder that I try to do everyday with Aidan to help him to learn words.

If you have any questions or any videos/blogs you would like me to do then just leave a comment or pop me an email.

Why we chose the GFCF Diet & Our Results

Last week I wrote about the GFCF diet including what it was, why it is supposed to help and foods to avoid. In the future, I will share some of the brands and recipes I have found which are both gluten and dairy free.

Today I want to talk about the signs that made us try the GFCF diet and improvements we have seen since. Like I mentioned in the last post I cannot say that this diet will have the same results for you as we achieved. (more…)

Top 5 Summer Bag Essentials

I have been a little MIA on both the blog and my Youtube channel but since the rain has gone away and I have a child destined to be outdoors and another who refuses to sleep all day until about 9pm the time I get on the laptop is usually with one eye struggling to stay open. We have been outside from first thing in the morning to last thing at night a lot lately. I am in no way complaining I love that Aidan is such a little explorer. The weather and types of days out we are having are very different to those of a few months ago and so the contents of my changing bag are a little different too. Here are some of my summer bag essentials for the sunny days and adventures.. (more…)

Making a comeback? | Vlog

I usually keep my blog and Youtube channels separate but seen as I had disappeared from vlogging for a few months I just wanted to share my recent upload. I am hoping to come back in full swing with weekly vlogs but D-day for the second little man is in 4 days which may throw a spanner in the works. I will of course share a video once he is born but I don’t know how much of it will be outside of my bed never mind outside the house. But, for now, here is what we got up to over the past week and a little look at how much Aidan has grown in the past few months….

15 from ’15

I wanted to do a round up style post for 2015 but wasn’t sure how I wanted to approach it. The lovely Sadhbh from Where Wishes Come From is hosting her annual linky so what better way to round up my year than by joining in with my 15 things from 2015. Be sure to check out her post and feel free to add your round up post to the linky too.

1. Most Popular Blog Post:

At the beginning of the year I wrote a post during one of Aidan’s night time parties, I did not expect the response it received. My ‘How to Prepare for a Newborn‘ post was shared on the front page of Mumsnet, My Kidstime, by several other bloggers and many other online platforms. It is a humorous look at the things they ‘forget’ to mention in all the parenting books – which I was glad to see I wasn’t the only one experiencing. 12 months on and the laundry pile is still as high!

2. Favourite Post

This may be my pregnancy cravings speaking but the post I revisit a lot is my Chocolate Cupcake recipe. I originally made these for the Glensik blogger competition but they have been made over and over again since and are often requested by people who have tried them previously.

3. Favourite Photo


Technically this isn’t a photo it is a digital image but it is based on a photo, which I also love. This print from Votre Portrait is one of my favourite possessions, I admire it every day.

4. Best Adventure:

Taking Aidan on his first foreign holiday (assuming Wales doesn’t count as foreign?) was definitely an adventure. We went to Nerja in Spain for 10 days at the end of June. We though June was a good time of year as it wouldn’t be too hot – we were very wrong! Temperatures were 33-36 degrees the entire time we were there! Luckily Aidan didn’t mind the heat and honestly just slept through it mostly. We had a villa with our own private pool so it meant that we could still be out enjoying the sun while he was inside watching TV or having a nap. However, sometimes he napped in the pool too!

5. Favourite Craft:

After seeing The Dadventurer’s canvas he made with Baby L I had to give it a go myself. I didn’t actually write a post on it but here is a link to Dave’s post for you to check out. It was an extremely messy but fantastic craft to do with a baby or toddler.

6. Most Common Theme:

The search term most popular from google, which pops up several times a week landing people on my blog is ”immersion”. Yes, immersion. They end up on my post about ‘Irish slang’ which has also proven to be a very popular post this year.

7. Favourite Vlog:

I really struggle to manage the blog and the Youtube channel at the same time. I love both but right now I think blogging better suits my life. With vlogging it is an all day, constant job with several hours editing at the end where as blogging can be done around Aidan’s schedule and tantrums. This year I hope to find a balance between the two because I do love having the vlogs to watch back but end up abandoning the camera by mid day after dealing with Aidan’s early onset ‘terrible two phase’.

My favourite video from this year is between ‘SURPRISE‘ and ‘POOLS, PLANES AND PROMENADE‘ both captured two very sepcial weeks this year and they alone remind me of why I want to keep up vlogging.

8. Favourite Celebration:

This is a tough one because there are two very special celebrations that happened this year. Firstly, in May Aidan turned one. We had a lovely party for him some of which I captured on video. It is definitely a day we will always remember.

Secondly, in June my Grandad turned 80 and the entire family went away for the weekend. It was so nice to spend time with everyone together. We had a lovely meal together over the weekend, all the ladies visited the spa and the babies had a ball playing with each other (with a toy shop only metres from the hotel you can only imagine how spoilt they were). We also brought home a new family member that weekend – we just didn’t know it yet.

9. My Best Move:

This year I rebranded the blog. While El and Baby A was a suitable name in the beginning it wasn’t a good fit in the long run. After lots of thinking I decided on Bumps and Roundabouts as we cannot ‘outgrow’ it and also it doesn’t limit me to any specific types of posts.

10. Favourite Freebie:

Bluestone! I cannot speak highly enough about Bluestone. We had such a lovely week there and we have all said we can’t wait to go back. If you are looking for family friendly, relaxing and very unique holiday then Bluestone is definitely one to look at.


11. Best Blog Moment:

Being on the front page of Mumsnet was such a great moment for the blog. I was only blogging a few months at the time so to see my work recognised in such a way was a huge honour.

Being a finalist in the Irish Parenting Blogger awards back in April is definitely something I am extremely proud of. As fantastic as it was to be named as a finalist, the night and the community of IPB that I met at the event were definitely one of the highlights of my year.

12. Worst Blog Moment:
Making the move from El and Baby A to Bumps and Roundabouts was quite a stressful migration. Although everything went relatively smoothly it was like starting from scratch with several sites like Tots. It was quite disheartening to log in and see all my previous rankings take such a hit. I don’t spend too much time stressing over these rankings but it is nice to see the numbers go up when you put the work in.

13. Favourite Title:

‘We’ve been keeping a secret…’
Obviously, announcing that we are expecting our second baby was really exciting. I made a video to announce it and wrote a post too. That seems like only yesterday but in less then 10 weeks our second little man will be here, hopefully.

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 22.07.21

14. Favourite Blog-Series:

I am going to cheat on this one a little because I haven’t really followed any blog series or partaken in any linkies in quite a while so I decided to talk about my favourite series. This year I discovered ‘How to get away with murder’ and oh my god I am hooked! Every episode leaves you on the edge of your seat and makes for great binge watching. Series 1 is on Netflix and I definitely suggest checking it out.

15. What My Blog Did For Me In 2015:

Both my blog and Youtube channel gave me a place to record my pregnancy, Aidan’s milestones and our many adventures of the year. It has given me a place to put memories that I probably didn’t even realise would be so special at the time. It has given me a space to revisit in times of sadness, hardship or darkness and gives me one hundred reasons to smile. There is no freebie, ranking or popular post that can trump the everyday moments I managed to capture on camera or in a post.


What Aidan got for Christmas



It is almost Christmas! I must say that this year I am very prepared and have some of these presents since October – yeah, I am as bad as the supermarkets. I thought I would share what I got Aidan for Christmas this year because I always find these posts really helpful when trying to decide on presents for other people.

Living around the corner from Smyths means that it is way too easy to just pop in and pick up one or two things, hence the excessive amount of stuff I managed to accumulate. His main present is a wooden kitchen and we decided on this one from Little Tikes as I wanted something really sturdy – 6 hours later and it is still being put together! He has a rapidly growing obsession with anything on wheels, and also a few crafty bits to help us get through the wet and miserable winter months ahead.

Kitchen collage

Little Tikes Wooden Kitchen || Melissa & Doug Food Groups || Melissa & Doug Fridge Food || Melissa & Doug Pots 


Duplo My First Bus || Press & Dash Vehicles || Wooden Tractor || Melissa & Doug Safari Shape Sorter

craft collage

Wooden Magnetic Standing Girl Puzzle || Wooden Magnetic Farmer Puzzle || Crayola Minions Mess Free Markers || Crayola Twistables || Aquadoodle

And that is the majority of what we got Aidan this Christmas, not including the bits I picked up for his stocking like chocolates, mini cars, a sippy cup and so on. Also, there are several books we got him for Christmas which I haven’t included but I do plan to do a post about his book collection very soon so keep an eye out for those in there.

Now I just need to find the time to wrap them all, as well as gifts for everyone else! How did you do this year? Were you prepared early or are you a last minute dasher?

Toddler Tantrums

At the end of the month Aidan will be one and a half (or 18 months if that’s your thing) which means he is definitely a ‘toddler’. Toddlers are tough work – they can walk, or in his case run, they can climb and reach things that once towered above them. They are uncooperative and very independent, but they are amazing. Everyday I can see Aidan explore new avenues of life and understand things he wouldn’t have a few months back. These moments are fascinating but more importantly they are essential because toddlers change moods like the Irish weather and those little moments are all you have to remind you why you’re not just abandoning them on the floor of the toy aisle in Tesco.

Toddler tantrums

Aidan has become the master of tantrums, pulling them out at perfectly calculated times and executing them with admirable dedication. They are very unpredictable as they can occur for almost any reason, such as;

  • his inability to lift the kitchen table 
  • not being allowed to spill his water down his top (for the second time that day)
  • dropping his biscuit
  • being asked to say ‘please’, ‘thank you’ or really anything for that matter
  • being refused freshly made, extremely hot tea

… to name but a few. These have resulted in his full body being flung to floor, arms flapping and piercing screams – Oscar worthy stuff. After about 15 seconds he will pause to have a peek and see if anyone has noticed him and taken pity. If not, then he throws his body in a different direction and the screams get louder. Usually I ignore him but today was just too funny so I went to get a photograph, which I did…

Toddler tantrum

.. but what you don’t see is that after I got this photo, while I laughed at his stroppy face, he walked over and slapped the phone out of my hand! Like a celebrity with an annoying paparazzi. It is possibly one of the funniest tantrums I have ever been privileged to witness.

So, next time you’re in Costa and your toddler decides he wants his straw cup to work upside down and has a melt down when it doesn’t, try and remember those funny little moments – or put on Disney, it’s like wine for children!

Toddler tantrums

Peaceful Toddler Bathtime Tips

Apart from the first few early weeks, Aidan has never been a fan of bathtime. He will either scream from the second his skin touches the water (which is neither too hot nor too cold) or he will save it up for a major meltdown when the washing actually begins. This usually results in a stressful, 2 minute, not rinsed properly, now I am soaked too, type of situation. Taking all this into account I usually brand baths as “Daddy time” and make up a lovely speech about how lovely it will be for them to bond during bathtime – more than just a pretty face you see!

However, sometimes Daddy has to work meaning that I must brave the terror. Tonight was one of those nights. I faced into bathtime with a toddler who was already having a bad day, refused dinner, was cutting back molars and was getting tired – every parents dream situation!

Well get this, I got through it with a squeeky clean,  fully washed, completely rinsed haired boy with zero tears. ZERO! How did I manage this magic you ask? Well here are 3 things I done differently…

1. Small amount of water
I love to get into a bath and be completely submerged in water, now obviously I don’t do that with Aidan but I have always about half filled the bath. Tonight I thought what’s the point if he is just going to scream to get out in 3 minutes, it would be a waste. So, I only filled the bath about 3 inches deep and he loved splashing his feet on the top of the water.

2. Face cloth
Usually the biggest trauma for him comes when water gets on his face so I brought a face cloth to pat his face if he splashed water on it. It also helped when rinsing his hair as I was able to dry his face straight away – I would rinse and cover his face with the cloth immediately as if it were hide and seek, it worked a treat! Toddlers, once something becomes a game they are all about it!

3. Toothbrush
This may have just helped because he is cutting some back molars but after cleaning his teeth I gave Aidan his tooth brush to chomp on for a little longer while I tidied back his toys and emptied the bath. (Another must for us because when taking Aidan out of the bath he tries to run and climb – that mixed with the water is cause for disaster and major back pain so I usually drain the bath, put his towel on and then take him out.) I let him have it up until he was in his pyjamas so that he was distracted and not trying to wiggle away.

Overall, considering his mood of today, tonights bath time couldn’t have went any better and I will definitely be using these tips again… or at least sharing them with Daddy for bath time bonding.

Edible finger paint

Aidan is at the stage now where everything goes in his mouth. He is truly exploring the world with his mouth. This makes play time a little more difficult. His normal toys are starting to bore him (but I refuse to buy anything else with his birthday a month away) so this morning I set about finding an activity that would be mouth friendly.

As some of you may have seen I have been doing a lot of baking with Glenisk yogurt, this was for a competition they were running. Since the deadline has past and I cannot eat anymore cake I thought that the leftover yogurt would make a great start for edible finger paint.

Edible finger paint

A few weeks back I bought for colouring to try the colourful pasta sensory play (which was a disaster!) so by mixing yogurt and food colouring I got edible finger paints. Yes, it was that easy. Sadly I forgot to pick up blue so I ended up with red, yellow, green and orange (sort of). Not that Aidan seemed to mind.

Edible finger paint

As you can see there was no interest in it ever going on paper, this finger paint was destined for two places; his mouth and the floor. All other surfaces were just an obstacle in his mission.

A table spoon of yogurt mixed with a couple of drops of food dye and voila – a mess that takes an hour to clean but is totally edible!

Edible finger paints


Have you got any edible play ideas? That don’t involve cornstarch because I cannot find it anywhere!