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Starting out with Cloth Nappies

The cute fluffy prints have taken over my Instgram feed for the past few months and they got me thinking.. Why didn’t I initially choose cloth nappies? Which is when I was swiftly reminded that I have binned every item of clothing that Aidan has pooped on. Even the tiniest little stinky spot and it was banished to the bin.…

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Aidan, photo post

April Sunshine | Photo post

We got a mini heatwave in Ireland this week so we went out and made the most of it. From swimming pools to sand, and BBQ’s to baby lambs. Here is a collage of some photos from this week!   Looking at my instagram this morning it seems the sun has made his way over to the UK so I will…

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Aidan, baby, video

When Aidan met Teegan | Laughing Baby Video

Some of you may have noticed that this weekend I turned 23! Well Friday night I partied like I was 16 and spent Sunday feeling 90. Aidan spent Friday night in my parents house with my dog, Teegan. My dad sent me this video on Friday evening of A laughing at Teegan bouncing around the bed. Sorry about the poor quality…

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7 month update | Aidan

Ellen / December 30, 2014

Size-wise:  Aidan weighs 20b (9kg/1.5stone). He is almost triple his birth weight!! I’m not sure on his length he won’t stay still long enough for me to find out! Sleep: You still sleep through the night for 12-13 hours. The past week you’ve been waking around 6 but you will fall back to sleep when I take you into my bed (Oh…

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He’s gone | Aidan

Ellen / November 17, 2014

For weeks I wondered when to do it, how to approach it but mainly could I handle it, was I ready? No time felt completely perfect. So many excuses were made, I don’t have the new curtains, there are clothes in his cot. I think I would have came up with any excuse. What if he woke in the middle…

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Aidan, by Aidan

To Mommies | Aidan

Ellen / November 14, 2014

Dear Mommies, I know that sometimes us babies can be very tough work. Sometimes, when we wake at 4am it’s just because we were lonely and just needed to see you, and maybe get a little cuddle too. We didn’t realise that you don’t get a daytime nap like us. Sorry. When we cry for no reason it’s because we…

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Aidan, toys

Aidan’s free toys

Ellen / November 10, 2014

After just posting my October favourites (two weeks late) I realised that there is one thing that Aidan plays with more than any other toys he owns. One thing that can keep him occupied for anywhere up to an hour. One thing that is my go to option when all else fails. And the one thing that cost me next…

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Aidan, Christmas

Christmas ideas for Aidan

Ellen / November 5, 2014

I am really struggling to find Christmas presents for Aidan, who will be 7 months old at Christmas.Here are a few things I think he would enjoy around Christmas and up until his birthday.I will also be buying his big car seat too for Christmas but I am clueless about them so all recommendations are welcome. 1. Plastic playpen with activity…

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Aidan, monthly update

5 month update | Aidan

Ellen / October 30, 2014

Size-wise:  I haven’t had Aidan weighed this month but I would estimate about 10-11 kg (1.7 stone). He is now in 6-9 month clothes 🙁 Sleep: The beginning of the month we experienced a little bit of the dreaded ‘4 month sleep regression’ but we have moved past that stage and you sleep from 7:30/8pm until 8/9 in the morning. Also, you…

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