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A day in the life of A

Ellen / October 24, 2014

9:04am: Mommy finally woke up, I’ve been looking at her for ages! 9:10am: We went downstairs. Mommy changed my nappy and gave me a bottle. Nothing like a nice bottle when you wake up. 9:25am: Mom made me watch a TV show about people watching TV shows?! Grown ups are strange! She ate her breakfast, and didn’t share as usual.…

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4 month update

Ellen / September 30, 2014

Weight/Length:  Nearly one stone! 13lb 14oz, as of last week but you have an appointment with the nurse this week so I think you will measure over a stone. I have no clue how long you are but my guess would be maybe 26 inches, hopefully the nurse will tell up that too. Sleep: I have the laziest baby, but I am…

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20 facts about Aidan

Ellen / September 2, 2014

1. I am 1/4 American 2. I have a birth mark in my hairline that looks like a cigarette burn 3. I can pull myself up with a little help from Mommy’s fingers 4. I have blue eyes like my Dad 5. I love really colourful toys 6. Baby TV is my favourite thing to watch 7. I have two…

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