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One Month Update | Finn

It’s 5 weeks since Finn was born – 5 weeks?! Seriously where has the time gone. In one way he still feels brand new but it also feels like he was always here. Now don’t get me wrong we are still very much learning and adapting to our new dynamics but luckily it has been going well so far. Within…

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28-32 Week Pregnancy Update

How I’m feeling: I am super lucky and have had no complaints at all with this pregnancy. I thought I was lucky when I was pregnant with Aidan but it seems that I am going along the same road this time around too. I have been getting some Braxton Hicks which are getting more annoying now that the baby is…

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Gender Reveal for Bump #2

Ellen / November 5, 2015

Today we had our 21 week scan. It’s is the big one that checks that everything looks ok with the baby. It is also the scan where they can tell you the gender of the baby, if that’s what you want. Let me start by saying that we are very lucky and the baby looks perfectly healthy. They were able…

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The first 13 weeks | Pregnancy Update

Ellen / September 9, 2015

Time for all the fun of pregnancy to start all over again now. The 9 months of not seeing your toes, wearing leggings daily and avoiding certain smells that make you feel like you’ve had a rough night on the tiles – a magical time! These first few weeks have definitely gone a lot quicker than when I was pregnant…

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Why I hate co-sleeping

Last night we had a very cranky, moody teething baby. Like c’mon already Aidan it’s been like 7 months just grown one already! Anyway, after an hour or so of whining and whimpering we decided to take him into our bed to try and get some sleep. Immediately I thought back to Kellie’s post I had read earlier this week…

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When Aidan met Teegan | Laughing Baby Video

Some of you may have noticed that this weekend I turned 23! Well Friday night I partied like I was 16 and spent Sunday feeling 90. Aidan spent Friday night in my parents house with my dog, Teegan. My dad sent me this video on Friday evening of A laughing at Teegan bouncing around the bed. Sorry about the poor quality…

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Baby products that become Beauty products

Ellen / February 15, 2015

When I first become a Mom my precious beauty products were well stocked in my lovely HerClutterBox (which every make-up addict needs if you ask me!). As soon as A was born make-up and beauty products took second place to baby converse and adorable mini human outfits. How many beauty products do you need when you hardly get to leave the…

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Sale Haul | Baby & Beauty

Ellen / January 30, 2015

Hi, my name is Ellen and I’m a shopaholic. I can’t control it if I see something I like I just cannot leave the shop without it (much to my bank balance’s disapproval).  As you can imagine venturing into town for one or two things during the January sales didn’t exactly go as planned. I thought I would share some…

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How to prepare for your new baby

Ellen / January 12, 2015

Here are 10 tips to help you to prepare for your new baby. Before Aidan was born I read lots of books and articles on how to prepare for your new baby, although helpful, if I had these tips I may have been a lot more prepared. Blindfold yourself and make a cup of tea/coffee. Night feeds at 3am get harder the…

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