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Baby boy clothing haul

For the last week I have been a bit MIA on the blogging & social media scene, which isn’t like my twitter-addict self. All last week Clay had been working stupid hours through the night meaning he was sleeping in the day, thus I was flying solo parent all week. By the time Aidan went to sleep every night my…

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Sale Haul | Baby & Beauty

Ellen / January 30, 2015

Hi, my name is Ellen and I’m a shopaholic. I can’t control it if I see something I like I just cannot leave the shop without it (much to my bank balance’s disapproval). ¬†As you can imagine venturing into town for one or two things during the January sales didn’t exactly go as planned. I thought I would share some…

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Cork Haul | Aidan swag

Ellen / October 3, 2014

Ok so this is the last baby haul for a while I swear… Well I’ll try anyway. Last weekend we were in Cork and spent a day shopping, which totally wasn’t my idea (anyone falling for that.. no?). As well as the stuff we got for A both my Mom and Aidan’s godfather spoilt him too. I spent the entire…

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