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I Wish We Co-Slept!

Co-sleeping is always a topic that causes much debate amongst parents (and non-parents too). Some people swear by it while others choose to completely avoid it. I can understand both arguments but once everyone is getting a decent sleep I think that is the most important thing. As a baby Aidan would co sleep with me when his Dad was at work, I don’t ever remember the three of us being in the bed together – perhaps on a rare occasion. This was not because I was against co-sleeping, I really enjoyed the time spent cuddling my little baby, he just settled better in his own space.

When Aidan moved into his own room he took to it like a duck to water. I did however at this point make a commitment to not bring him into our bed unless he woke up with a genuine reason, like a temperature, nightmare or extreme upset. I never had to actually find out if I would stick to this as Aidan much preferred having his own space and his own room. He would never wake to come into our bed or even our room. At the time I thought I was really lucky that we were all getting our sleep and space. And, I am still thankful that he doesn’t mind being in his own room, I would hate for him to not like his room or to dread going to bed at night. (He gets so excited at bedtime and nap time it is actually weird!)

However, last weekend our house was struck with a vomiting bug. Luckily I have managed to avoid it so far which meant I was able to run between the two patients. Aidan was being sick all night and because he is so used to sleeping in his own room he wouldn’t settle in our bed. This meant that each time I cleaned him up I had to put him back into his cot and sit outside the door listening incase he was sick again – which he was. I spent the entire night wishing that I co-slept so that I could get some rest and still know that Aidan was ok. Eventually at 7am he was so tired, and I think a little scared, that he fell asleep in my arms on our bed and we both got an hours sleep before he realised that he wasn’t in his own bed.

Thankfully he was fine the next day apart from everyone being tired. While I understand all the arguments people have about co-sleeping I would have given my right arm to co-sleep with my sick little man that night. It would definitely have been the best option for everyone.

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