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Fool Proof Christmas Dinner?

Today I actually got to watch ‘This Morning’ which hasn’t happened in months! When I switched on they were talking about Tesco’s microwave Christmas Turkey? Luckily we go to my Mom’s for Christmas dinner because to be honest if it was left to me we would probably end up with beans on toast or something because even the thought of…

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10 things only parents appreciate

I have been a parent almost a year not (*holds back tears) and before that most of these things never even crossed my mind, but since having Aidan my priorities have completely changed and so I thought I would share my top 10 things only parents appreciate.   1. Bumpy Roads When you have a cranky/teething/tiring baby nothing (legal) knocks them…

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5 reasons babies are like teenagers

Over the last 10 months since Aidan’s arrival I have noticed that babies share similarities with many other things, one of which teenagers… Yes, you heard me babies are like teenagers and here’s how… Every small inconvenience results in a reaction more intense than labour. If you take something from a baby they will scream and throw themselves on the floor…

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Ode to Mickey Mouse

Ellen / February 9, 2015

  Mickey mouse so black and small To you I really owe it all. You end the tantrums and stop the noise You’re better than all the plastic toys Mickey mouse so full of fun Easy knowing you’re not a Mum Seeing how you are always happy Proves you never changed a nappy Mickey mouse with eyes so bright Never…

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Funniest halloween video ever?

Ellen / October 16, 2014

Aidan is going as superman for Halloween this year as far as I know but when he is older I will definitely be getting him a minion costume. Here’s hoping this doesn’t happen..