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Trolley Bags | Review & Giveaway

You don’t know satisfaction like packing at the same speed they scan in Aldi! We have been fans of Trolley Bags for over two years now. Back when I was pregnant with Aidan I saw somebody in our local supermarket with some and within hours I had ordered them for me, my Mom and my Nan. I use them every single…

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Memories of Growing Up | Review & Giveaway

memories of growing up

My phone is jam packed with photos of Aidan and Finn – like most parents – but that is as far as they go because I never manage to print them off meaning baby books and scrapbooks don’t take long to become redundant. I actually don’t even have one for Finn. With technology taking over most ‘old school’ ways of saving…

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Childs Farm Giveaway

Ellen / December 10, 2014

Some of you may have seen my tweet Monday night saying that I am now a Childs Farm brand ambassador. I am very excited to work with a brand that I have been a huge fan of since Aidan was born. If you read my What’s in my changing bag? post, way back when, you will see that Childs Farm hand and…

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FarFaria App | Review & Giveaway

Ellen / October 31, 2014

I guess it’s a sign of the times (god that made me sound so old!) but Aidan loves TV, smart phones and the iPad, I would love him to enjoy books, so when I found an app that incorporated both I knew it would be perfect for us! I must admit I was waiting in anticipation to begin using it,…

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Mom’s Journey | Review & Giveaway

Ellen / October 16, 2014

As a first time mom, I have found myself spending hours searching every corner of the internet for any tips and tricks to help with night feeding or weaning. I found most of my help came from bloggers who are real life moms, who have been there, done that and worn the t shirt. That’s exactly who Limor Friedman is. She’s…

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