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Toddler Tantrums

At the end of the month Aidan will be one and a half (or 18 months if that’s your thing) which means he is definitely a ‘toddler’. Toddlers are tough work – they can walk, or in his case run, they can climb and reach things that once towered above them. They are uncooperative and very independent, but they are amazing. Everyday I can see Aidan explore new avenues of life and understand things he wouldn’t have a few months back. These moments are fascinating but more importantly they are essential because toddlers change moods like the Irish weather and those little moments are all you have to remind you why you’re not just abandoning them on the floor of the toy aisle in Tesco.

Toddler tantrums

Aidan has become the master of tantrums, pulling them out at perfectly calculated times and executing them with admirable dedication. They are very unpredictable as they can occur for almost any reason, such as;

  • his inability to lift the kitchen table 
  • not being allowed to spill his water down his top (for the second time that day)
  • dropping his biscuit
  • being asked to say ‘please’, ‘thank you’ or really anything for that matter
  • being refused freshly made, extremely hot tea

… to name but a few. These have resulted in his full body being flung to floor, arms flapping and piercing screams – Oscar worthy stuff. After about 15 seconds he will pause to have a peek and see if anyone has noticed him and taken pity. If not, then he throws his body in a different direction and the screams get louder. Usually I ignore him but today was just too funny so I went to get a photograph, which I did…

Toddler tantrum

.. but what you don’t see is that after I got this photo, while I laughed at his stroppy face, he walked over and slapped the phone out of my hand! Like a celebrity with an annoying paparazzi. It is possibly one of the funniest tantrums I have ever been privileged to witness.

So, next time you’re in Costa and your toddler decides he wants his straw cup to work upside down and has a melt down when it doesn’t, try and remember those funny little moments – or put on Disney, it’s like wine for children!

Toddler tantrums

Things I haven’t eaten this week…

Normally, I have a 16 month old with an appetite that challenges his Dad. However, over the past few weeks he seems to have gotten really bad at eating – I am blaming his teeth because isn’t that what we always do? I have noticed though that food on my plate looks one hundred times more appealing than anything I offer to him and so here are all the things I never got to eat from my plate this week….

  • Sunday’s potatoes – We aren’t really potato eaters in our house but every Sunday we go for dinner at my Mom’s house and she makes potatoes. It appears that the potatoes she gave me tasted fabulous but the ones on Aidan’s plate were inedible.
  • Apple pie and custard – Sunday’s scavenging didn’t end there. After refusing much of his dinner, except for my potatoes, Aidan was only too happy to ‘help’ me tackle my dessert. I will have to assume that it was nice because I never got to find out.
  • Banana – As one of the toddlers favourite foods I usually have to eat bananas in secret. I did think however that once we had one each that would suffice. I thought wrong. The speed at which he inhaled his banana was as long as I took to peel mine. Two bananas for Aidan – None for me.
  • Yogurt – He doesn’t even like yogurts! An entire apricot yogurt he ate – the last one might I add!
  • Toast – I made myself two lovely slices of toast. You know when they are the perfect level of toasted and the butter is melted just right and it tastes….. well I can’t tell you that because they were swiped from my plate when my back was turned!
  • Biscuits – I am not a massive biscuit fan. I like Jaffa Cakes but I consider those more of a cake. Imagine one day I fancy a biscuit so off I go hunting for some. My dreams are quickly shattered when just as I am about to divulge the small one begins to whimper and points in the direction of said treat.
  • Orange Juice – Not even my liquids are safe anymore!
  • Apples – Last but not least. Aidan can somehow find apples where they don’t exist! We keep our apples in the fridge which is out of his reach but on more than one occasion I have found him stuffing himself with an apple, seeming to appear from nowhere? Not only does he eat the skin, he also eats the stalk, pips and core of the apples. How do I tell a 16 months old not to eat the core of an apple?


It is funny how once they are eating you would literally give them the food off of your plate. Once Aidan gets fed then I would go without – although is that favouritism now that I have another baby in my belly to feed?

The first 13 weeks | Pregnancy Update

Time for all the fun of pregnancy to start all over again now. The 9 months of not seeing your toes, wearing leggings daily and avoiding certain smells that make you feel like you’ve had a rough night on the tiles – a magical time! These first few weeks have definitely gone a lot quicker than when I was pregnant with Aidan, probably because I am running after him now rather than lazing around.

the first 13 weeks

How I’m feeling:
I had slight nausea from around weeks 6-10, then I developed a terrible tummy bug for a week. Although it was horrible at the time it seemed to rid me of any ‘morning’ sickness – woo!
Tiredness, just like with my first pregnancy, is the hardest part. When I was pregnant with Aidan I would nap once or twice a day, obviously that is not an option now but I do fall asleep by 10:30 at the latest most nights.
Boobies – Oh my goodness! It seems like they are full of razor blades and pins. Aidan loves to climb all over me which results in watery eyes and a slight amount of swearing under my breath.


This pregnancy, my dear friend cystic acne has reared it’s ugly head again. This time it seems to be a lot more concentrated on my chin and jawline, bringing with it a pain similar to that of childbirth. I visited my doctor this week who gave me a cream to try so fingers crossed it helps some what. I have been using Ziaja baby soothing cream and it definitely helped with the pain and redness.


Does everything count? I’m not noticing a huge change except maybe the odd sugary treat when Aidan heads to bed. Oh and milk – again, like last time, I can drink litres and litres of milk in a day. (We went through 6 litres in 2 days last week – just me and Aidan!)


Size of baby:
At our hospital appointment last week the baby measured 2.7 inches I think? Like a small apple, maybe? I am terrible with judging size but if it is anything like Aidan it is going to be big!



Can I see my toes?:
Yes. Although I am noticing a little bump already, at 13 weeks, where it was a good 20 weeks before Aidan made a bump.


Stretch marks or swelling?:
No swelling and no new stretch marks – not that I don’t think I have room for anymore after Aidan left his mark!


The baby not me you filthy minded animal! Considering there are so many similarities between the pregnancies I would guess it is another boy. My gut instinct is a boy. I have no preference either way because a boy would be great for Aidan to have a brother so close in age, likewise a girl would be great to help me even out the numbers and pick the princess movies!

I Forgot To Take My Pill | Review

I Forgot To Take My Pill: An honest diary of a first-time mum, is the first book by Sharyn Hayden. It is just that, an honest, and hilarious account of motherhood, which shows the good, the bad and the side splitting moments of her parenting journey all parents will relate to. Sharyn is a comedian, actress, writer and mother – as well as the brains behind her blog Raising Ireland.


Sharon takes us all over Dublin meeting lots of ‘characters’ along the ways, from the swooning nurse with her hand up Sharyn’s amazing anatomical area to the Amazonian cleaner who bared it all, and not forgetting the ”scaling-the-wall-for-hooch-retired-pal-from-next-door”, to name a few.

When I opened the book and saw the dedication and the chapter titles I knew this was going to be a book I wouldn’t forget in a hurry. Vaginal Trickery, Stupid Shit My Neighbour Says and Infant-induced Alcoholism – just to give you an idea.

I forgot to take my pill is the funniest book I’ve ever read – I couldn’t put it down, but didn’t want it to end either. It says things that most parents are thinking but never say. It talks about situations we’ve all encountered and tells us it’s ok to take a minute – everything will be graaaaand.

The many small chapters are ideal for parents of kids who get 5 minutes in the day (or night) to them selves. It will make a great present for first time parents and I will definitely be buying it for any of my ‘up the duff’ friends.

I Forgot To Take My Pill is available on Amazon from May 20th, Sharyn also blogs over at Raising Ireland.


I was given I Forgot To Take My Pill in exchange for this review but as always these are my own, honest opinions. 

10 things only parents appreciate

I have been a parent almost a year not (*holds back tears) and before that most of these things never even crossed my mind, but since having Aidan my priorities have completely changed and so I thought I would share my top 10 things only parents appreciate.



1. Bumpy Roads When you have a cranky/teething/tiring baby nothing (legal) knocks them out as quickly as a car journey on a bumpy country road. I have at many points felt like I was on a carnival ride full of twists, turns and jolts but it was worth it for the imminent quietness.

2. Nap Time & Bed Time Being a parent is great but every moment without them is also great. I don’t like to be away from Aidan so nap time is fantastic! It allows me to have ‘me time’ without shipping A off to somewhere else.

3. Hot Beverages In our house tea is like our crack – it is needed to function daily. We go through boxes of the stuff. Since becoming a parent I have learned to either drink it cold or reserve it until nap time and bed time for maximum enjoyment.

4. Empty Laundry baskets They say what’s seldom seen is wonderful – and empty laundry baskets are seldom (if ever) seen in our house. How can someone with such tiny clothes have so many dirty clothes? Once I managed to get to the end and I even paired the socks, that day I was supermom!

5. Farts Only when you sniff something similar to a 1,000 year old fermented egg with the intention of scraping it from it’s place of residence will you know the relief of finding out it’s a fart. The stinkier the smell the happier the face when it doesn’t turn out to be a poo-nami.

6. A lie in Similar to number 4, seldom seen and wonderful! I am not a morning person but Aidan seems to be getting earlier and earlier. A lie in is a mere memory that I cling onto the hope of reuniting with again someday.

7. Teeth The joy when you see babies first tooth! However, it’s not always because of the obvious milestone, sometimes it means the end of teething tears and sleepless nights! All hail those nashers, and calpol!

8. Baby wipes Everything! Baby wipes clean EVERYTHING!

9. The freezer Pre-pared meals and frozen foods will be your best friend. When you bring the new baby home from the hospital the last thing you need is to be standing over the cooker. And as they grow the need to hover over a hob doesn’t get any more appealing. Frozen pizza and chips? Perfect!

10. Silence …..and breathe out. Silence is truly golden.


What things are you most thankful of since becoming a parent? Apart from sleep which is the most amazing past time!

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