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Farmer’s Market Sorting Set | Review

farmers market sorting set

You may have seen on my Instagram that we are now part of the Learning Resources Testing Team! As you can imagine we were delighted to get on board. Over the next few weeks we will be reviewing some of their different toys covering learning areas like numbers, letters, colours and sorting. We will review each product and also give alternative ways we used it.

First up we received the Farmers Market Sorting set. The set consists of 5 baskets and 25 different fruit and vegetables. The aim of the set is to have the child sort the foods by colours and put them into their corresponding baskets.

farmers market sorting set

The first thing I noticed with this set was that the food included is not that plastic flimsy stuff you usually get. It is a rubber type material that is durable and doesn’t dent and lose their shape. (Trust me they have attempted to eat the ‘grapes’ on more than one occasion). The food is also very realistic and it is easy to identify each one. The baskets are a good size and fit all their corresponding foods easily with room for you to add extra bits if you wish.

Aidan liked to sort the foods by colour but he never really got the idea of putting them into the baskets. He also likes to sort them into a fruit pile and a vegetable pile. We use them in different counting games, to learn colours and names of different foods. I can 100% say that the Farmer’s Market Sorting Set has been played with every day since we got it. It was so hard to get any pictures because I literally have to wrestle it from him.

Alternate activities for the Farmer’s Market Sorting Set:

The foods were ideal as props in different songs about foods. This really helped him to link the words to the object. Even if he does still insist that broccoli are ‘trees’.

We used them alongside some coloured numbers. So Aidan would put two foods beside the number 2, three beside number 3, etc. If your child is more advanced you could have them sort by number and colour – four red foods beside number 4.

The set is ideal for pretend play in a kitchen/ shop/ market setting.

…..and apparently washing them in the garden is fun too!


Pamper Time

Like most parents, I tend to put myself at the bottom of the pile. I usually sort the kids, the dinner, the laundry, the house and then fall into bed. A few weeks ago, I attended the Deise blogger event and was given a very generous goody bag (actually 5 generous goody bags!). As the event was more beauty and skincare than parenting I came home with lots of new products for me – something I am not used to! I decided to give myself some pamper time and try out a few things.


Trolley Bags | Review & Giveaway

You don’t know satisfaction like packing at the same speed they scan in Aldi!

We have been fans of Trolley Bags for over two years now. Back when I was pregnant with Aidan I saw somebody in our local supermarket with some and within hours I had ordered them for me, my Mom and my Nan. I use them every single time I go shopping, as do they. In fact we don’t own a single other shopping bag, only our trolley bags. (more…)

Memories of Growing Up | Review & Giveaway

memories of growing up

My phone is jam packed with photos of Aidan and Finn – like most parents – but that is as far as they go because I never manage to print them off meaning baby books and scrapbooks don’t take long to become redundant. I actually don’t even have one for Finn. With technology taking over most ‘old school’ ways of saving memories the ‘Memories of Growing Up‘ memory stick is the perfect scrapbook alternative for me. It will be a great 18th or 21st gift for the boys to have all their childhood pictures in one place. (more…)

Mommy does make up | P.S beauty range

Ever since I can remember I have been obsessed with make up and was always the first to try out new products. However, from having Aidan to all my skin problems I completely neglected my stash and myself for a while. After attending the Deise Bloggers masterclass, recieving so many new products and discovering new brands my passion was rekindled – much to the dismay of my bank account. Since the event I have began to restock some old favourites, add some new brands and most importantly finally do something I enjoy that’s just for me.


I have splurged on some things that definitely aren’t worth their hype but that’s for another post. Somethings that have really lived up to the hype is the PS Beauty range from Penneys (Primark). I have tried several pieces from their range and I don’t think I have been disappointed by anything!

PS Beauty

Their brush range is fab! I use their double ended stippling brush for highlighting and contouring, their double ended foundation brush for applying foundation and concealer and the angled contour brush for applying powder contour. I have washed all brushes and there has been no shedding or effect on their performance. For around €3 each they are definitely worth having in your make up bag.

Next up I tried their foundation sticks. I got the colours Ivory and Tan – the lighter shade for highlighting and the darker shade for contouring. While the paler shade wasn’t an ideal match for my skin tone the darker one I use for my contour every time. It is easy to apply and blends easily. It is a full coverage foundation too which is a must for me!

Other things I have tried and liked are their lip pencils, lipsticks, lip crayons, eye liner, individual false lashes, brush cleaner, highlighter powder and blusher. Like the foundation stick, the blush colour did not suit my personal skin tone but the pigmentation was great for the price – I would love them to start stocking more shades. Luckily, they are always expanding their beauty range meaning that we are in for lots of new treats in the future. Their latest releases I have yet to try are their eyeshadow palettes, powder contour kit and new shaped beauty sponges. The PS beauty range is extremely affordable while also being fantastic products and I would recommend them to everyone. You could have a full make up bag for less than €30!

Here is a look I created using the PS beauty range products listed…
Foundation sticks in Tan & Ivory
Individual lashes
Lip liner in the shade Burgandy
Lip crayon in the shade Deep Purple
Double ended stippling brush
Angled contour brush
PS Beauty

Have you tried the PS beauty range? What’s your favourite product or what just didn’t work for you?

Heavenly Organics Review

A little while back the people at Heavenly Organics asked me if Aidan would like to review their products, which have just launched in Ireland – the answer to that question is always YES! I’m not sure if I have mentioned this on here before but Aidan has an allergy to strawberries which makes finding snacks for him very difficult. I explained this to Heavenly Organics who had no problem in sending me some of their ‘strawberry free’ products.

heavenly organics

We tried their new mango, apple and banana Coconut Squishies. They are smoothies that you can drink straight from the package (oh the novelty gets him every time), made with coconut milk and contain 1 of your 5 a day. We have repurchased these 3 or 4 times already, they were a huge hit. I mentioned them in a recent vlog too as they have become such staple in our lives.

They also sent us some Happy Halo Bites. These were so handy to pop into my bag and give to Aidan when we were on the move. They are easy for little hands to hold and taste yummy. They come in both apple and banana flavours.

waferWhile in our local Supervalu restocking our Coconut Squishies I picked up some of their Wafer Wisps. Again, delighted to find a toddler snack that didn’t contain Strawberries. We got the pumpkin and banana flavour and they smell fab! Sadly, Aidan won’t share them but I guess that is a good thing. I think they would be great to use as ice cream wafers in the summer too (yes, I am already talking about next summer!). These come in a spinach, apple and kale flavour too.



Overall, we are definitely fans of heavenly organics superfoods and they are already becoming a constant in our house. They are available in Supervalu all over Ireland, Ocado in the UK, Amazon online along with many others.


*We were sent some Heavenly Organic Superfood products to review but as always all opinions are my own, 100% honest thoughts… and Aidan’s*

Bambino Mio Miosolo | Review

If you have been following my blog or instagram for a while you may have seen that a few months ago we decided to give cloth nappies a try. As I am the biggest germaphobe I had big reservations about it all. I spoke to several fellow bloggers who had made the switch and they convinced me to give it a try.

The original reason I began thinking about cloth nappies were the beautiful prints, especially the prints on Bambino Mio nappies. So, when they got in touch and asked if I would like to work with them I was more than happy to. I have said before that they are my favourite brand of reusable nappy at the moment, for several reasons. I find the Miosolos wash brilliantly, coming out just as soft if not softer with each wash. The fit is perfect for Aidan and we have never experienced any leaks while using them and of course, the prints are so cute!

If you are still concerned about the poop aspect then there are flushable paper liners that you can get which lie between the babies skin and the nappy. They are simply lifted and put straight into the toilet, the nappy is then washed as normal. I, the germaphobic freak, don’t use liners because I found it just as easy to tip the poop into the toilet as it is to use a liner when using the Miosolos. Now, enough potty talk. (Oh I have been waiting to type that for ages!)

My stash is currently not big enough to do cloth full time but I am hoping to grow it before the new baby arrives and switch to reusable nappies full time. I am not doing it for the environment, or the money saving aspect if I’m honest although they are definite bonuses, I am doing it because I think they feel a lot more comfortable for Aidan to wear compared to the disposable alternatives.

Bambino Mio AIO nappies currently retail at £15.99 from their own website, which ship to Ireland. They are also about to launch their nappies in Tesco and Supervalu stores nationwide which I am very excited about!

If you guys have any questions regarding cloth nappies I would be happy to help.

*I was sent some products from Bambino Mio to review, however, we owned several of their nappies already. As always, all comments are my own, 100% honest opinion.

Ziaja Baby Range – The Miracle Cream | Review & Giveaway

A few weeks ago I attended a Ziaja event in a store local to me. I originally went to support my friend Emma who was speaking at the event but I came away with arms full of products which I love and have worked amazingly with my problematic skin!


Ziaja also do a baby range which I was recently sent to review. After having such great results with their ‘adult’ skin range I expected the same from their baby range, I did not expect what I actually got!

I was sent several products to review all of which were great. They were sensitive on Aidan’s skin, smelled fantastic and worked in each way described. However, I feel like one product stood out from the rest and will forever more be a staple in our house, for both Aidan and us.

Baby soothing cream

Ziaja’s Baby soothing cream -10% d-panthenol was by far favourite in the range and probably my favourite baby product of all time and here is why….

A few weeks ago this rash appeared on Aidan’s face and began to spread all over his body. It started out like a heat rash but turned into tiny blisters under his skin on his face, arms and legs. After 2 trips to the doctors and several prescription creams I had accepted that this was something that Aidan would just have to live with or hopefully ‘grow out of’. When the products arrived from Ziaja I had nothing to lose by trying a little bit of the soothing cream on his face. After three applications the rash had completely gone, and thankfully he has no scarring or marking from it!


As the saying goes ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’, after steroid creams, prescription cream and several doctors opinions, this over the counter vitamin cream has been the only solution. I have used it when I got severely sunburnt on holidays, grazed skin and several other skin injuries and the results have always been great.


How much would you pay for this product? For the results on Aidan’s skin I would pay hundreds, as I’m sure any mother would but 60mls of this cream is €3.49!

All of Ziaja’s products retail from 69c to €9.99 and I am yet to find one that doesn’t work as it says. Anyone I know who has used this range has had nothing but great words to say and I am no different. Both the baby range and skincare range will be a constant in this house.

The lovely people at Ziaja ave given me 3 of the soothing creams to give away and allow you to try it for yourselves. To enter just like Ziaja on Facebook, like El and Baby A on Facebook and leave a comment below to let me know that you’ve entered. This giveaway is only opened to ROI entries. Good luck!

(3 random winners will be selected on August 3rd and named on twitter so keep an eye out over at @_ellenokeeffe)

*I was sent some items from the baby range for the purpose of this review but as always these are my own, honest opinions, and Aidan’s.

I Forgot To Take My Pill | Review

I Forgot To Take My Pill: An honest diary of a first-time mum, is the first book by Sharyn Hayden. It is just that, an honest, and hilarious account of motherhood, which shows the good, the bad and the side splitting moments of her parenting journey all parents will relate to. Sharyn is a comedian, actress, writer and mother – as well as the brains behind her blog Raising Ireland.


Sharon takes us all over Dublin meeting lots of ‘characters’ along the ways, from the swooning nurse with her hand up Sharyn’s amazing anatomical area to the Amazonian cleaner who bared it all, and not forgetting the ”scaling-the-wall-for-hooch-retired-pal-from-next-door”, to name a few.

When I opened the book and saw the dedication and the chapter titles I knew this was going to be a book I wouldn’t forget in a hurry. Vaginal Trickery, Stupid Shit My Neighbour Says and Infant-induced Alcoholism – just to give you an idea.

I forgot to take my pill is the funniest book I’ve ever read – I couldn’t put it down, but didn’t want it to end either. It says things that most parents are thinking but never say. It talks about situations we’ve all encountered and tells us it’s ok to take a minute – everything will be graaaaand.

The many small chapters are ideal for parents of kids who get 5 minutes in the day (or night) to them selves. It will make a great present for first time parents and I will definitely be buying it for any of my ‘up the duff’ friends.

I Forgot To Take My Pill is available on Amazon from May 20th, Sharyn also blogs over at Raising Ireland.


I was given I Forgot To Take My Pill in exchange for this review but as always these are my own, honest opinions.