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Welcome Claudi & Fin to Ireland | Review

A few weeks ago I was asked if I would like to sample some of the Claudi & Fin frozen yogurt lollies, obviously I jumped at the chance. I had read about Claudi & Fin on You Baby Me Mummy and found the girls back story truly inspiring, and now they were offering me free treats? These girls are clearly angels!…

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Our arrival at Bluestone | Bluestone

Ellen / February 9, 2015

  We were very lucky to be invited to visit Bluestone National Park Resort for a week as a #bluestoneblogger. There are so many different things to talk about (and too many pictures) I’ve decided to write several shorter posts rather than one giant, overwhelming post. So, what better place to start then at the very beginning…   At 6am…

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FarFaria App | Review & Giveaway

Ellen / October 31, 2014

I guess it’s a sign of the times (god that made me sound so old!) but Aidan loves TV, smart phones and the iPad, I would love him to enjoy books, so when I found an app that incorporated both I knew it would be perfect for us! I must admit I was waiting in anticipation to begin using it,…

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Beaba Review | Weaning

Ellen / October 20, 2014

Preparing Aidan’s food I recently posted about my baby weaning meals, so I thought I would tell you about what products I’ve depended on for the weaning process.  I like matching sets, colourful items and the easiest route possible, Beaba ticks all those boxes. I spent hours online (I’m starting to feel like I say this a lot! I swear I do…

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Mom’s Journey | Review & Giveaway

Ellen / October 16, 2014

As a first time mom, I have found myself spending hours searching every corner of the internet for any tips and tricks to help with night feeding or weaning. I found most of my help came from bloggers who are real life moms, who have been there, done that and worn the t shirt. That’s exactly who Limor Friedman is. She’s…

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