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What Aidan got for Christmas

    It is almost Christmas! I must say that this year I am very prepared and have some of these presents since October – yeah, I am as bad as the supermarkets. I thought I would share what I got Aidan for Christmas this year because I always find these posts really helpful when trying to decide on presents…

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Ode to Mickey Mouse

Ellen / February 9, 2015

  Mickey mouse so black and small To you I really owe it all. You end the tantrums and stop the noise You’re better than all the plastic toys Mickey mouse so full of fun Easy knowing you’re not a Mum Seeing how you are always happy Proves you never changed a nappy Mickey mouse with eyes so bright Never…

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Aidan’s free toys

Ellen / November 10, 2014

After just posting my October favourites (two weeks late) I realised that there is one thing that Aidan plays with more than any other toys he owns. One thing that can keep him occupied for anywhere up to an hour. One thing that is my go to option when all else fails. And the one thing that cost me next…

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