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                Vanlead Memorabilia

                • 2001-2008

                • 2001.12.06

                  Vanlead Group is a financial comprehensive enterprise, authorized for the management of state-owned assets under the approval of Guangzhou Municipal Committee and Guangzhou Government.

                • 2004.09.01

                  Wanli all-steel radial tire, produced by South China Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd, affiliate of Vanlead Group, is officially awarded "China Top Brand" by China Famous Brand Strategy Promotion Committee. At the same time, Wanli radial tire is recognized as "China Famous Export Brand" by Ministry of Commerce.

                • 2006.12

                  To deprive the finance business from the Group

                • 2008

                  Vanlead Group and Guangzhou Rubber Enterprise Group Co.,Ltd have reconstructed and started to focus on large chemical industry.

                • 2010-2014

                • 2010.06

                  Part of the assets of Guangzhou Building Materials Enterprise Group Co., Ltd was transferred to the Group.

                • 2013

                  Vanlead Group and Guangzhou Chemical Industrial Group Co., Ltd have reconstructed to assemble new resources for large chemical development in the national asset system of Guangzhou.

                • 2014.06.11

                  Guangzhou International Group Co., Ltd is officially renamed to Guangzhou Vanlead Group Co., Ltd.

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