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                Director Chen Haodian of Municipal SASAC went to Vanlead Group to carry out research on thematic education topics

                Release time:2019-07-21

                    On the morning of July 2, Chen Haodian, director of the Municipal SASAC and Secretary of the Party Committee, led the Property Rights Management Office, the Financial Supervision and Economic Operations Department and other responsible comrades to Vanlead Group to conduct a research on the subject of clearance and reorganization of state-owned zombie enterprises, reduction and streamlining of enterprise management levels, and prevention of risks in the economic field and business operations.



                ▲Director Chen Haodian and his delegation listened to the work report

                    Director Chen Haodian and his delegation listened to the report on the progress of Vanlead Group's related work, exchanged in-depth on the issues of staff placement and policy support encountered in the liquidation and reorganization, and put forward the guidance for solving the problems.

                    Director Chen Haodian affirmed the effectiveness of the work of restructuring, risk prevention and the transformation of new and old kinetic energy of Vanlead Group's zombie enterprises, and put forward five requirements for the next step:

                    一、From the strategic height of the group's long-term development, we should systematically understand the zombie enterprise's reorganization work and work hard to solve the worries of future development as soon as possible.

                    二、Attention should be paid to preventing and resolving the risk of employee placement, earnestly safeguarding the interests of retired veteran workers, and properly solving the problems left over by history.

                   三、We will firmly promote the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, support by strong R&D capabilities, and drive the innovation and development of the group with intelligent equipment manufacturing and rubber chemical industry as the main industries.

                    四、Give full play to the synergy between Sunward Intelligence and the state-owned enterprises in Guangzhou to strengthen and expand the internal market.

                   五、Learning from the management experience of Sunward intelligence, strengthening the construction of management talent team, relaxing the distribution mechanism, employment mechanism and incentive mechanism with market-oriented means and open mind, so as to revitalize the old brand. 

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