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                The Fourth Inspection Group of Municipal Party Committee Feedback to the Party Committee of Guangzhou Vanlead Group

                Release time:2019-10-10

                            According to the unified deployment of the inspection work of the Municipal Committee, on the afternoon of September 5, the fourth inspection group of the Municipal Committee feedback the inspection situation to the Party Committee of Guangzhou Vanlead Group. Comrade Teng Dexin, deputy director of the inspection office of the Municipal Party Committee, attended the feedback meeting of the Party Committee of Guangzhou Vanlead Group. He conveyed the relevant instructions of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Comrade Zhang Shuofu, on the inspection work of the Municipal Party Committee, and put forward the requirements for the inspection and rectification. Comrade Hu Weijing, chairman of the fourth inspection group of the Municipal Party Committee, gave feedback on the main problems and suggestions found by the Party committee of Vanlead Group. Comrade Huang Yong, deputy secretary, vice chairman and general manager of the Party committee of Guangzhou Vanlead Group, chaired the meeting and made a speech.

                            According to the unified deployment of the Municipal Committee, from March 21 to June 21, 2019, the Fourth Inspection Group of the Municipal Committee carried out inspections on the Party Committee of Guangzhou Vanlead Group. The inspection team, guided by Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, adheres to the nineteen spirit of the party, implements the inspection policy conscientiously, takes the "two maintenance" as the fundamental task, adheres to the function of political inspection, and strictly follows the violation of political discipline, organizational discipline, integrity, discipline, discipline and discipline. Actually carry out inspection and supervision, give full play to the role of political supervision, organizational supervision and Disciplinary Supervision of inspection, and promote the solution of the problems and deep-seated contradictions that restrict the reform and development of enterprises.

                                At the feedback conference, Comrade Teng Dexin conveyed the spirit of instruction of Comrade Zhang Shuofu, Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee on the inspection work of the Municipal Party Committee. He stressed that some of the problems pointed out by the inspectors occurred during the term of office of the current group or in the past, but no matter when they happened, the inspectors helped to find out the problems. The leading group of the Party Committee and its members have the responsibility to rectify and rectify the old and new accounts, so as to ensure that the regulations are rectified and the pieces are in place. He put forward three requirements for the rectification of the Party Committee of Guangzhou Vanlead Group: First, we should remember the original mission and grasp the rectification. This round of inspection and rectification work coincides with the time when the first batch of thematic education of "never forget the original intention and remember the mission" in our city is being carried out in depth, the key moment to achieve results and the second batch of thematic education will be launched in an all-round way. We hope that the leading group of Party committees will take inspection and rectification as an important part of thematic education. In view of the problems pointed out by inspection, we will thoroughly analyze the root causes and seriously study the measures. We must do a good job of rectification and reform. Second, we should grasp rectification with the courage of self-revolution. We should take the responsibility of the main body of inspection and rectification at the above rate, resolutely shoulder the responsibility of the main body of inspection and rectification, and seriously hold a special democratic life meeting on inspection and rectification, we should make real and hard efforts to rectify and rectify the problems pointed out by the inspection and the clues for handover. The Party Committee and the Discipline Commission of the Group should study and formulate rectification measures one by one, show the courage of the strong men to break their wrists and curettage their bones and poisons, and really grasp the rectification so as to ensure that the problems of inspection feedback are not All clues fail and suggestions fall to the ground one by one, we should make a comprehensive and in-depth inspection of the problems in the light of the arrangement of thematic education, try to find out the problems that have not been found and pointed out, and strive for thorough rectification, we should persevere in rectification, continuously strengthen the political responsibility of governing the Party, continuously maintain the high-pressure situation of punishing corruption and continuously rectify the "Four Winds". We should continue to purify the political ecology within the Party, strengthen supervision and rectification, strengthen the accountability of discipline inspection and supervision organs and organizational departments, and resolutely safeguard the seriousness and credibility of inspection work. Thirdly, we should test the effect of rectification with high-quality development. Party committees of the group should make comprehensive use of the results of inspection, not only to solve the problems of specific people and specific matters, but also to solve the problems of institutional mechanisms and systems, so as to give full play to the strategic role of inspecting both the specimen and the treatment.

                                When Comrade Hu Weijing gave feedback to the Party committee of Vanlead Group in Guangzhou, he pointed out that since the eighteen Party Congress, the Party committee of Vanlead Group of Guangzhou, guided by the correct leadership of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government and the support of the municipal SASAC, guided by the spirit of Xi Jinping's new era socialism with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the nineteen party and the spirit of the general secretary's important speech on the reform of state owned enterprises, actively explored and expanded Strengthen, transform and upgrade, successfully acquire Sunward Intelligence of high-tech listed companies, improve the content of enterprise intelligence equipment, fill the gaps in Guangzhou state-owned aviation industry. During the inspection, some problems were found and reflected by cadres and the masses. The main problems are: the general consciousness of the Party Committee of the group is not strong, the core role of leadership is weakened, the implementation of major decision-making by superiors is not effective, the understanding of the policy of "three go, one fall and one supplement" is not deep, the implementation is not effective, and the loss of enterprises increases obviously. Strategic planning objectives are not true, management is "off-the-spot to empty", false increase of enterprise profits, illegal collection of high salaries, indiscriminate performance, weak control of subordinate enterprises, confused management at different levels, and serious loss of state-owned assets. The problem of "Four Winds" has been repeatedly prohibited, and the problem of violating discipline and law is frequent. The supervision measures are not solid, safety accidents occur from time to time, and the treatment of excessive sewage discharge is not thorough.

                                Comrade Hu Weijing put forward several suggestions for rectification: first, to strengthen the Party's overall leadership under the leadership of political construction. We should adhere to the Party's management of the Party, strictly administer the Party, closely observe the weakening of the Party's leadership, the lack of Party building work, and the inadequacy of the Party's overall strict governance. We should adhere to the Party's leadership over state-owned enterprises and ensure that the Party and the state's policies and major deployments are implemented in state-owned enterprises. Second, we should tighten and consolidate the "two responsibilities" and promote the comprehensive development from strict governance of the Party to in-depth development. Strengthen the daily supervision of Party members and leading cadres, especially the "top leaders", keep a close eye on key areas and key links such as outstanding problems in selecting and employing personnel, project bidding, advertising management, procurement and sales, and guard against the risk of integrity. Third, strengthen the core competitiveness of enterprises and realize the preservation and appreciation of state-owned assets. In-depth study of the Guiding Opinions on Deepening the Reform of State-owned Enterprises, improve market competitiveness and development leadership, strive to win the battle of pollution prevention and control, and accelerate the pace of high-quality development with scientific and technological innovation.

                                On behalf of the Party Committee of Guangzhou Vanlead Group, Comrade Huang Yong expressed his full agreement with and acceptance of the feedback and suggestions of the inspection team, and made four comments on the implementation of the rectification. First of all, we should improve our political standing and attach great importance to the work of inspection and rectification. Secondly, we should unify our ideological understanding and conscientiously enhance our ideological consciousness and action consciousness. Thirdly, we should focus on practical problems to improve the pertinence and effectiveness of rectification, and fourthly we should strengthen supervision and inspection to complete the task of rectification on time and with high quality.

                                 Comrade Yuan Dingxin, Comrade Xu Shu and Comrade Wang Wei, Vice-Chairman of the Fourth Inspection Group of the Municipal Party Committee, Comrade Liu Dan, Director of the Inspection Office of the Municipal SASAC, and other comrades of the Fourth Inspection Group of the Municipal Party Committee and the Inspection Office of the Municipal SASAC, members of the leading group of Guangzhou Vanlead Group, all the staff of the headquarters, the main leaders of the Party and government of the enterprises under the leadership of the Guangzhou Vanlead A total of 83 delegates attended the meeting.

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