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                Zhou Qianding, Temporary Party Secretary And Chairman Of Industrial Holding Group Led A Team To Investigate Wanli Tire

                Release time:2019-10-23

                                  On the morning of October 11, Zhou Qianding, Secretary of the provisional Party committee and chairman of the board of directors of the industrial holding group, Zhang Weitao, deputy secretary of the provisional Party committee and general manager, led a team to investigate Wanli tire under Vanlead Group to understand the production and operation of Wanli tire. This is the first step for the investigation of the leading group of the industrial holding group. Huang Yong, member of the Party committee of the group, and members of Wanli tire team accompanied the investigation.


                President Zhou Qianding inspected 10 million production lines of Wanli tire

                                  Chairman Zhou Qianding and his party first inspected 10 million production line workshops of Wanli tire, and fully affirmed the field management, equipment and technology research and development of Wanli tire production. At the symposium, general manager Zhang Weitao said that Wanli tire should make three plans this year, next year and the future. This year, we will implement the target of steady growth of the SASAC, halve operating losses and double-digit sales growth next year, and plan for the supply of vehicle main parts, intensive development, product positioning and market positioning in the future.

                           Chairman Zhou Qianding said that the purpose of setting up the industrial investment holding group is to develop advanced manufacturing industry by focusing on advantageous resources and promote the transformation and upgrading of Guangzhou's traditional manufacturing industry. Wanli tire belongs to the traditional manufacturing industry, but its brand and reputation are still there. Wanli tire's leading group should strengthen its sense of mission and responsibility and inherit the "old brand".

                          Wang song, chief engineer of Wanbao group, former Xiaojing, assistant general manager, he Limin, chief accountant of Guanggang group, Li Jirong, assistant general manager of Vanlead Group, relevant principals of office, financial management department and enterprise management department participated in the survey.

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