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                Sunward Under Vanlead Group Hydraulic Static Pile Driver Won The Title Of National Champion Product

                Release time:2019-12-04

                       Recently, the website of the Ministry of industry and information technology released the list of the fourth batch of manufacturing single champion enterprises, single champion products and the first batch of manufacturing single champion enterprises that passed the review. Sunward "hydraulic static pile driver" under Vanlead Group was awarded the national manufacturing single champion product.


                       Three basic conditions must be met to win the "single champion product of manufacturing industry". First of all, the product ranks the top three in the global market share; secondly, the production technology and process are internationally leading; thirdly, the key performance indicators of the product must be at the leading level of similar products in the world. The single champion of manufacturing industry, known as the Pearl of manufacturing industry crown, occupies the industry commanding height in the subdivision field, and is the core competitiveness of "made in China".



                       Sunward hydraulic static pile driver is a large-scale green foundation construction equipment with Chinese characteristics, and it is also the starting product of Sunward. The sales volume of this product has been the first in the world and China for 20 years, and its technical strength is also in the leading position in the world. ZYJ series hydraulic static pile driver has 15 national patents, developed 12 kinds of static pile driver series products of 80-1260 tons, with a market share of more than 50%. Relevant research achievements have won the second prize of national science and technology progress, and have been popularized and applied in the industry, making a great contribution to the development of pile driver industry at home and abroad. 




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