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                In order to make Group's business bigger and stronger and enhance its position in domestic industries, Vanlead Group has made a strategic development plan of 2013-2020 based on a series of research and analysis about group industry structure、industry trends、market competitiveness and internal management system, forming a 3+1 business structure with rubber & tire、fine chemical、salt chemical as main business, and  modern services as a supplement.

                Vanlead Group will make great efforts to adjust enterprise structure、product structure and industry layout, etc and actively implement the policy of "going out" by various operation modes such as investment attraction、brand strategy、mergers and acquisitions, promoting the implement of 3+1 development strategy.

                By implementing 3+1 development strategy, we pursue to improve our overall ranking and become a domestic leading and world famous supplier of tire and chemical products and services, providing professional products and services primarily chemicals.

                Group strategic development targets in 2020:

                By 2020, 3+1 business areas realize an overall development with a turnover of RMB 40 billion .

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