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                Wanli Tire Corporation Limited
                ——Global Vision,Intelligent Future
                Wanli Tire, Leading Brand

                As a core enterprise of Vanlead Group, Wanli Tire Corporation Limited (originally South China Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd), is the first state-owned enterprise in China to introduce professional technology for radial tire production. Wanli has grown into a large scale state-owned enterprise with two manufacturing bases located in Conghua and Hefei. With an annual production capacity of 16 million pieces, Wanli has become the largest radial tire manufacturer in South China area and the largest radial tire exporter in China.

                Market Leader & International Seller

                In the OE market, Wanli Tire’s dependable quality has made it the number one tire brand in China, and its products have been mounted on more than 20 auto factories, including Citroen/Peugeot, Dongfeng Passenger Vehicles, Nissan, JAC, FAW Passenger Vehicles, GAC Trumpchi, and Honda. At the meantime, Wanli Tire is the 1st domestic brand to be mounted on medium and high-class automobiles and Japanese cars, and it is also the 1st car enterprise to be recognized by French car system.

                Wanli Tire’s products have been sold in over 150 countries and regions globally. In the Chinese domestic market, Wanli Tire has over 200 resale agents and 4,000 retail outlets all over the country. Wanli Tire even created its own online retail B2B2C platform, the Wanli E-Shop, to provide its customers with more convenient and speedier service by leveraging e-commerce technology.

                Outstanding technology & Excellent Quality

                In recent years, Wanli Tire has made excellent achievements in product quality and brand building. In February 2016, two of Wanli Tire’s main products, the Comfort Series H220 and the Snow Series SW211, as well as their production lines, passed the TÜV Rheinland Certification testing, which makes Wanli Tire the first Chinese (TIRE) company to obtain the prestigious TÜV Rheinland Certification. In March 2016, Wanli Tire has become the 1st tire manufacturer from China to sponsor Japan’s D1 Grand Prix. In the 2016 racing event, the Wanli team got the 2016 Japan D1 Grand Prix championship with overwhelming dominance, which proves the technology of Wanli Tire has reached the cutting-edge level internationally.

                Intelligence Leading to the Future

                It took Vanlead Group 1.4 billion Yuan RMB and 16 months to develop and build the Hefei Factory of Wanli Tire. The experience and advanced manufacturing technology in the automotive industry and the bio-pharmaceutical industry were adopted to make the Hefei Factory an all-field intelligent, whole-process automatic, and all-direction green tire factory, and has been set up as a benchmark for green and intelligent manufacturing.

                Hefei Factory is featured with its initiated “fast, good, green” manufacturing. Being fast means, through adopting the cutting-edge techniques, such as the comprehensive full-automatic transportation chain, instead of 48 hours, it take only 30 hours to manufacture one single tire. Being good means, its products have gotten more and more uniformed, and the quality control system is getting better guaranteed by using the whole process coding recognition system and the MES system. Being green means, Hefei Factory discharges no waste water or gas, while the overall energy consumption being 0.26 ton coal per ton tire. Compared to the traditional manufacturing methods, Hefei Factory saves 40 tons of water and 2,600 kWH of electricity per year. At the meantime, the amount of employees hired by Hefei factory is 62.8% less than traditional manufacturing, which leads the per capita output increase to 3325.8 thousand RMB per year.

                Guangzhou Double One Latex Production Co. Ltd.
                ——Internationally Certificated, Quality Assurance

                Guangzhou Double One Latex Production Co. Ltd., a subsidiary enterprise of Vanlead Group, the former Guangzhou NO.11 Rubber Factory founded in 1955, is the 1st condom manufacturer in China. The main products of Double One include condom and rubber gloves, the annual production capacity of each product has respectively reached 800 million and 2.28 million. In 2014, Double One broadened its product portfolio to include sex toys and home cleaning products as the e-commerce develops.

                Double One is one of the regular suppliers of the National Health and Family Planning Commission and one designated supplier of the United Nations Population Fund. Besides, Double One acquired the certificate of the Brazil government and became its designated supplier, was a cooperation enterprise with Durex, the famous international manufacturer, supplied condoms to the world cup in 2014, and sponsored condoms to the 2011 Summer Universiade in Shenzhen. In the domestic condom industry, Double One always leads the market. Double One glove has become the best choice by the national profession organizations, industrial and mining enterprises, food industries, and consumers in the Middle East Area.

                The e-commerce channels of Double One include Tmall, Jingdong, Alibaba, Yihaodian etc, which enables Double One to execute on-line and off-line marketing at the same time.

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