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Beaba haul

There is just so many different things for babies when it comes to starting solid foods! I think I first saw the Beaba babycool solo on Hannah Maggs’ vlog, I initially loved the colourful design so thought Id research it a little more and all the reviews I found online raved about the babycook so that made my decision alot easier. I like to have all things matching if possible so I decided that I would buy all baby A’s baby weaning items from the Beaba range. The only Beaba stockist I could find close to me was Boots and even then they only had a very limited amount so I turned to Amazon. I use a service called Parcel Motel which basically means I get the items shipped to them under the free uk delivery and they deliver them to a P.O box type thing close to me for a much less than if I got them straight from Amazon. Anyways Im rambling again, so heres all the things I got…

So this is the babycook solo in gypsy colour scheme. I havent began to use this yet so I cant give my reviews on anything yet but from what Ive read this does everything! Reheats, defrosts, steams and blends all in the one thing so less cleaning.. woo!

 This is the babycook vegatable chopping board, it cuts the fruits and vegatables into the ideal size for steaming. It also has a hole on the side which fits over the top of the babycook solo making it easier to transfer the small pieces.
As a huge pasta fan this was a must for me, its an insert for the babycook which steams rice and pasta. I thought it would be ideal for tiny baby pasta shapes.
 Ok so I got two sets of these one from Amazon and another from Boots, slightly different as you will see below. They are plastic beakers which you can store food in but they also fit into the babycook meaning you can freeze food in them and defrost it in the babycook without adding extra equipment. Theyre stackable as you can see meaning they takes up very little space. These beakers are a thick plastic but look very similar to glass and are much nicer than the 4 pack I got in Boots which are the cloudy plastic type. Both are Beaba though so I dont know why theres such a difference.
 This is the Ellipse bowl set which comes with a small (1st stage) and large (2nd stage) plates and a lid to keep the food warm. Its also designed with an extended edge on one side to make it easy to hold.
 These are the 2nd stage weaning spoons which are a little harder plastic than the 1st stage spoons below.

So thats all I got from Amazon. I also got these 3 items from Boots…

 I got two of these silicon portion dividers. It has seven 60ml portion sections which will be handy when you only want one portion you can just pop it out.
So these are the other beakers I got which can be used to freeze food and then can be defrosted directly in the babycook.

So after all these things arrived I realised I needed somewhere to store them, at least until Aidan began eating solid foods. I got this storage box in Woodies I think its a 45L one just to give perspective on how little room all these things take up.
There’s also three containers of baby rice n there too.
The babycook is not in there because Im pretty sure thats going to find a permanent home on my kitchen counter top.
Hope this helps any of you who are almost at the baby weaning stage and as soon as baby A begins to use all these I will do a review on them.

(And definitely check out  Parcel Motel, especially if you’re from Ireland you can avail of the free UK delivery on amazon.)

Until next time,
El x

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