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How it all began…

As a first time mom I have spent hours searching the Internet to know if everything baby A does is ”normal” (if such thing exists in the world of babies), what are the ”must have” baby products and mostly just enjoying reading about how other first time moms and dad are enjoying their new adventure. I discovered many mommy bloggers and vloggers and thought of how great it will be for them to look back in several years and be able to remember what was happening when *insert babies name here* was *insert babies age here* and how they felt at that time.. probably tired if we’re honest. Knowing how easily I lose things (i.e. put them somewhere so safe even I don’t think to look there again.), I knew I could never document these things on paper. Also, I have lost faith in storing documents solely on laptops and the likes, I have lost way too much college material that way. USB sticks also don’t work refer back to my safe place ordeals! So I decided why not have a copy of everything saved online.. surely I cant lose the Internet.. right?!

So here goes…

On May 29th 2014 baby A was born.
Aidan was born weighing 8 pounds 11 oz! I did not expect him to be so big considering my bump wasn’t huge.. even though at the time i felt MASSIVE! Myself and baby A’s dad weren’t big babies either so I thought (or maybe hoped) he was going to weigh about 7- 7.5 pounds… I was mistaken! From the minute he was born there was no denying that he was his dads twin! Which made for one extra happy Daddy.
All things birth wise went great.. quick but great. 

Labour & Delivery…

So after many episodes of one born every minute, an anti natal class and a doctors appointment the previous day to schedule my induction I thought I knew exactly how this would plan out but as I’ve learned everyday since baby A’s gotten here with babies you NEVER know how things are going to plan out.
Wednesday morning went as normal as can be expected at 41 weeks pregnant. We took a trip into town to get out of the house before Clayton went to work. I called to my Mams house for the evening to avoid going crazy at home alone (over due mommas will know how this feels). In the middle of Britain’s got Talent, around 8pm, my waters broke and by broke I mean like in movies.. GUSH! So after a shower I called the hospital who told me to come in straight away and bring my bags because I wouldn’t be going home without my baby.. that was a scary sentence to hear! All I could think of was that I didn’t get all the cleaning done before baby A arrived.. stupid nesting had taken over my life! I called Clayton at 9 to tell him it was time to have a baby.. at first he didn’t believe me because I had zero signs when he left that afternoon. We arrived at the hospital about 9:30pm and after some monitoring I was admitted around 11:15pm with no pain and was told if nothing happened within 24 hours I would be induced. At this point Clayton returned home as they assured him it would be a long wait.. turns out they were mistaken too!
Around 11:30pm I started to get cramps and called the nurse who again hooked me up to a fetal monitor and said ”Are you starting to feel mild pains?” I remember thinking if these are mild I am in for some torture! After a ‘pop’ and huge gush she decided to check me. 8cm! ”You better call your partner and tell him to meet you in delivery”. Again, Clayton initially didn’t believe me (now may be a good time to say that he is somewhat gullible and I may sometimes use that for my own entertainment). I arrived at the delivery suite at 00:00. After about an hour, which felt like 10 minutes, of pushing baby A arrived! And its true you do forget about any pain straight away when you see their face. After exactly 41 weeks of being pregnant it was all over and now I am a mom, let the fun begin…..

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