Dear Mr Crossfit,

Dear Mr Crossfit,

We seem to have a slight issue. Your training facility happens to be beside a housing estate, which I also happen habitat in. Now all us girls who have frequented a gym (or been just the once) know that the volume of the noise you project while lifting weights is proportional to the size of your muscles. However, today when I put baby A down for his nap he woke after 45 minutes, when I went up to check on him the level of noise I heard from you can only lead me to believe your muscles must be as big as my house (hence the letter and not a visit). I am writing this letter for two reasons, one is to ask you to keep the noise down so that A can get a nap in because no muscles will protect you from a mommy with an over tired baby. Also this letter now tells all the ladies out there that your muscles are huge and therefore maybe you can train in a lower volume or maybe even muted? 

Kind regards (for now),

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