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My Favourite Youtubers…

I mentioned in a previous post that I would give a list of my favourite youtubers. These are the youtubers that I watch daily, or at least as often as they post…



The SacconeJoly’s are an Irish family, now living in the UK, who vlog their daily lives. Everything from their proposal, to their wedding day and the birth of both their kids they have shared with the world of the Internet. Oh and they also add six Maltese dogs into the mix.

*Raising the Barrs

I’ve only recently discovered RTB, they’re a family from Indiana. Allison is the main vlogger but the entire family are always in the videos. They share their honest opinions on things and lead extremely normal lives that people can relate to.


Jess is a 22 year old, single mom to 4 kids, all under 5! She approaches her situation with such positivity and determination to give the best she can to her kids. I really enjoy watching her raise her kids, and I think she’s doing a pretty great job.

*Hannah Maggs

Ok so I’m starting to see a trend here, they’re all family vloggers. Hannah, Stef and their son Grayson upload a weekly vlog on Sundays which documents what they got up to during the week. Like a UK version of RTB they are completely normal people who don’t hide the fact that they curse or enjoy a glass of wine with dinner. They have such a cute relationship too which is really nice to watch. They also have a blackout night every so often which I am definitely thinking about starting in my house.

If you’re into vlogs I would definitely recommend checking these channels out.
Until next time,
El x

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