Slow start to the week

Some of you guys might have read that I was away in Cork this weekend for a family occasion, which was so much fun! I had planned to write today’s post when I got home last night but that did not happen and I fell asleep as soon as I walked through the door. I am happy I didn’t get around to it though because today Aidan has done 2/3 things I will be adding to his 4 month update, which I plan to post this week. He also has his two month injections this week 🙁 not excited for that atall!

I was very lucky this weekend to get to spend time with all my family and everybody commented on how good A was all weekend. I will be doing a full post about it but just wanted to hear what everybody else got up to this weekend? I haven’t gotten around to reading many blog posts this weekend either so what have I missed out on?

Until next time,

El x

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